Hey, it's been a while! As usual. New Wockenfuss album is done and almost ready to hit the streets. It's called The Stallion and it features 17 new tracks along with multiple guest spots from Pocaroba. Stay tuned. I just gotta get these things pressed up.

I'm still on Twitter a decent amount. Check me out over there.


Have you downloaded The Great Heart Puncher yet? It's free right here. Plus there's t-shirts you can buy there, too, as well as some holiday songs right here.

I'm on Twitter all the time. Get the latest there!


Folks! It's been a while. Here's the latest:

Sticks Downey is now just Wockenfuss. Yep, I'm officially on the solo creep.

And speaking of that, the debut solo Wockenfuss disc is coming very soon, and it will be FREE with an option to buy a physical copy if you want to support. Look for an announcement on that in the immediate future.

I guess that's all I had. Keep up with me on Twitter; I'm always there.


Welcome to Week 500 of the Waste. It's gonna be the last one for a while.

And here it is.

I'll still keep updating the news here with relevant stuff, but if you want to keep up with me, check my Twitter feed. I live there.

Thanks for reading.


Just a reminder: Next week is Week 500 of the Waste, and it's the last one I'm going to be doing for a while.

Here's the newest one.


Here we are again. And here's the newest Waste.


Yup yup. Hey, a little announcement:

Three weeks from now, I'm going to take an indefinite break from doing the Weekly Waste. I'm working on a new record and I really need to devote my time to that. I know the Waste only takes five minutes to read, but it takes me a long time every week to put together, and right now I need that time back.

I know you'll understand. Week 500 seemed like a good place to stop, so that's what I'm going to do.

Here's the newest one.


Folks! Sticks Downey (yours truly and Foots) got together with the Buttery Lords this past weekend and filmed a video for our 2009 track "Sticks of Butter." Not sure when it will be done, but you can see some pictures on the Sticks Downey Facebook page.

And, here's the Waste.


Well, well, well. Here is your Waste, you garbage man.


Just sent a big batch of new Sticks Downey songs off to some friends for feedback. This might actually happen.

Here is the Waste you requested.


Yes folks. Yes.

You asked for it and here it is. Waste.


Rumors abound about an upcoming Buttery Lords/Sticks Downey music video. I have no comment on the matter.

Here is the Waste.


Nerds: I wrote some new stuff over at Stallion Alert this week.

Also: here is your Waste.


Rumors going around that Biff's new band is opening for Dinosaur Jr! More info as it is available.

Now here is your Waste.


New Waste. You'll take it and you'll like it.


I talked to Big Daddy Kane on the phone yesterday. So that's pretty cool.

Here is your Waste.


Open your mouth. I'm going to stuff it full of Waste.


Thanks for checking in. Have you been to our all-encompassing Bandcamp page?

Here is Waste.


You look like you could use some Weekly Waste, you wastoid.


Hey, if you don't follow me on Twitter, I don't know what to tell you. Except that you can have some Waste anyway.


Do you think you can handle some Waste?


We're getting deeeeep into February. Can you feel it? Yeah, me neither. Here is Waste.


Bro: let's get totally Wasted.


The new Sticks Downey record is still a ways off, but it's closer than it's ever been. Want to stay in the loop? Go to the newly redesigned sticksdowney.com and sign up for our mailing list.

Or, just feast on some Waste.


You like Waste, right? Here is some Waste.


It's colder than a polar bear's ballbag out there. Warm up with some Waste.


I have created some new Waste.


Have you checked out our new Discography page? Have you checked out our Bandcamp page? Have you checked out the new Waste? You should check those things out.


Happy New Year, you goofballs. I bring you Waste.


Merry almost Christmas, you goonz. There will be no Waste next week so I may celebrate by sleeping. But there's some this week, so enjoy it. And enjoy your holiday.


That's a lot of 12s. Cosmic!


I'm still working on some updates to the site, and you'll see 'em when they're done. But I got Waste. That's ready.


Yo to the yo! I'm working on a bunch of improvements to the site here, but they're not done yet so I'll probably talk about them next week. For now: New Waste.


And here we are again. That's 470 weeks of Waste, if anyone's keeping track. And they just keep coming.


Well, you probably heard the big news already, but here it is again: new Weekly Waste!


Happy Halloween, you crumbums! I'm mentioning it in this week's Waste, but I'm also going to say it here: there's a new Sticks Downey (me, Wockenfuss) Halloween song called "976-EVIL." Watch the video here and/or download the track for free here.

And be safe out there, you vandals.


Nerds: I am taking a vacation to go hang with Biff in Arizona next week, so there will be no Waste. But I shall make my triumphant return on Halloween. And speaking of, be on the lookout for the new Sticks Downey Halloween song! Should be coming soon.

Here's the newest Waste.


Holy crap it's almost the middle of October! Guess I better get working on my Sticks Downey Halloween track for this year... Look for that soon.


Folks! It's Biff's birthday on Friday! If you know what's good for you, you'll track him down and wish him a happy and a healthy. For now, enjoy some Waste.


What up, foolz. Do you like Waste? Here is some Waste for you.


Yo! Sorry for the non-update last week; I had to go to the East Coast for work and it just couldn't happen. But now I am back, and I'm here with some new Waste.

Also: I just posted a few new entries over at Stallion Alert, so check those out if you're bored and want to get nerdy on some music.


And we're back! Sorry for the unexpected vacation I took last week - computer problems. But, that all seems to be straightened out now, and I'm just going to call it a much-needed Labor-Day break.

Here's the new Waste. Act like you know.


Are you following me on Twitter? You should be.

You should also go see The Expendables 2. Because it is insane.


Anybody else going to see The Expendables 2 this weekend? Maybe I'll see you there.

Here's the Waste.


What the dilly-o. Another week, another Waste. Read it. Love it.

Also: I just wrote a long-ass post over at Stallion Alert about some record shopping I did on Saturday. Nerd out, you nerd!


What's the word? Hey, I posted Biff's summary of our recent record-shopping trip over at Stallion Alert. Nerd out on some records, you nerd.


Yo yo! If you're looking for any info on the recent CAC happenings, take a look below.

Also: Biff and I went record shopping a few weeks back, and I wrote about it here. His summary is soon to follow - hopefully in the next day or two.



If you didn't get one of the CAC Simple Tricks and Nonsense CDs we were selling at the show, they are officially up for sale here. Buy one before they're gone!


Folks! You guys are the best. We had such a fun time at Friday's CAC show. Crazy to see so many faces we hadn't seen in what seems like forever.

Some stuff:

If you have any interest in one of the fan-made shirts that people were rocking at the gig, email me and let me know. If enough people want them, I'll set up a short run.

If you haven't checked out CAC's The Heel Turn yet, it is here. For free. We are also going to be releasing another album of CAC oddities in the near future. More on that soon.

We did not sell all the copies of Simple Tricks and Nonsense (the limited-edition CD we pressed up for the show). I will be putting them up on CD Baby for sale soon, but if you want to make sure you get one, email me and I'll tell you where to send the ten bucks.

I somehow haven't seen hardly any photos from the show, and no video. Where's this stuff at?

All right. Hope you're all having a good week. Here's the new Waste.


People! I need to tell you some things:

There will be no Weekly Waste next week because of the holiday, the CAC show, etc.

Also: I linked to this stuff on the new Waste, but I'll do it again:

CAC on Facebook

The CAC show event page on Facebook

Like our page, and tell us you're coming to the show next Friday.

Speaking of the show next Friday: We are going to be selling a VERY limited edition CD pressing of our album that never came out, Simple Tricks & Nonsense. These will only be available at this show, and when they're gone, they're gone. I'll have more details on that soon, and I'll post info to our Facebook page, and probably here, too.

We are also going to be releasing a bunch of other CAC music in the next week or so, and though Biff and I are still working out the details on that, I can say this: You guys haven't heard a lot of this stuff. We found tracks that we didn't even remember recording.

We've been sitting on this music for way too long, and we're going to get it out there. Get ready for it.

Again: Like our Facebook page, or at least bookmark it. We'll be posting updates on there as far as this stuff goes.

Can't wait to see you guys next Friday!

Any questions about anything? Drop me a line.


Two weeks from Friday! The CAC rides again.

And, to make the occasion even more exciting, we've got another announcement: Biff and I have reopened the CAC vaults, and we found a ton of music that never got a proper release. So, we're going to remedy that by putting out a bunch of old CAC tracks, some of which have never been heard by anyone except the two of us. That's all I'm going to say about it right now, because we're still working out the details, but prepare yourselves.

Check in next week for more details. Until then, here's some new Waste.


Man, it's only like three weeks until this CAC show!

As a special treat in celebration, we're offering up a rarity: A live CAC show, recorded in 2004! It's from the Tonic Lounge, and though it's not quite complete (there are a few songs missing from the beginning) and the sound quality's not perfect, it's still a nice little piece of history.

Go here to download it for free!

And, here's some new Waste.


Did you guys see the flyer for the upcoming CAC show on the front page? There's also an alternate version here. Spread the word! We're getting excited. Here's your Weekly Waste.


Folks! Welcome to Week 450 here at Sly Records. We've got some new Waste for you, but we've also got some news. If you haven't heard already, CAC is playing a show in early July!

Here's the deal: It's on Friday, July 6, and it's going to be at the Ash St. Saloon in downtown Portland. Our pals the Buttery Lords and Bling Theatre will be joining us, and it's going to be sweet.

This will be the first CAC show in five and a half years (!), so you better show up because who knows when there'll be another.

I will make a Facebook event and all that other shit soon. But for now: mark your calendars!


Did you guys see that image on the front page? We will have an announcement related to that mysterious photo shorly. Till then: check out the new Waste.


Another week, and finally a warm one. Here's some Waste for you. I'm off to Atlanta for the rest of the week. Jealous? You shouldn't be.


Good to see you again. Have some Waste, won't you?


Hey hey. Hope your'e enjoying the week, and hope you enjoy the Waste.

Need something else to read? I just wrote a bunch of stuff on Stallion Alert about my recent record shopping at Amoeba. Nerd out!


What up chumps. Hey: our pal Leigh Marble dropped his new album this week, and you can listen to it/buy it right here. Check that shizz.


Yo! Welcome to Week 444 here at Sly Records. This is the newest Waste. Right here.


Keep the comments coming! These things neccesitate discussion. And when I say "these things," I mean the Waste. Here's the newest one.


I'm excited to announce that I'm introducing a comments section to the Weekly Waste! It's been a long time coming, and I should have looked into it sooner, because it was actually really easy to set up. Anyway, the one thing to keep in mind is that, because I'm not very good at webmastering, comment boxes will only appear on the permalinked Waste pages.

That means that if you click on the Waste link to the left, it will indeed take you to the most recent edition, but you'll have to go to the archived version to make your comment. To make it easy, I've provided a link on the bottom of the main Waste page. You'll see how it works.

I'm in the process of retroactively adding a comments section for all the old posts as well, but it might be a while before they're all done. I think I got through the most recent 15-20, so if you've been dying to say something, feel free to go back and let it fly. As long as it was in the last few months.

Get your comment on! Here's the newest Waste.


Another fine week, another fine Waste. Enjoy it, you hooligans.


Hello. If you haven't listened to/downloaded that remix I made yet, get on it. And here's some new Waste to go with it.


Want to listen to that remix I was telling you about? Go here. And go here for some fresh new Wastage.


I'm going to release that remix soon, I promise. Just waiting for the right time. Until then, enjoy yourself some Waste.


Happy February 29th! I'm putting out a new song this week. Well, it's actually a remix I did of someone else's song. Either way, I worked hard on it and I'm looking forward to getting it out there. Stay tuned to the Sticks Downey Facebook page for details. Boom.


Another week down. And I just keep getting the job done. Follow me on Twitter, you bums. And here's that Waste you were asking about.


Hope you all are having a good week. How about some Waste to keep things on the up and up?


Welcome to Week 434 here at Sly Records. The Waste just keeps coming.


Thanks for checking in. I've been blogging a bunch over at Stallion Alert this past week, so if you enjoy my record nerdery, give that a look-see.


Hey hey. I sold a couple records this week, so if that was you, thank you! And a reminder: you can purchase the Sticks Downey album here and the old-ass CAC album here. They're both reasonably priced. Support us!


What upsky. Hope you all are enjoying the coldness. I'm off to L.A. for about five days, where it is a little bit warmer. What you know about 67 degrees, foolz?

See you next week.


What up suckas. Hey, I'll be at Ground Kontrol this Friday night (maybe more like evening) celebrating my birthday and trying to finally reach "Space Avenger" status on Gorf. If you want to meet me there, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook or whatever and we'll make it happen.


Hey, it's a brand new year. Feeling like it's gonna be a good one.

Do you like this site and appreciate me updating it every week and realize that it takes me a long time? Maybe you'd like to show your appreciation by purchasing a copy of the Sticks Downey album, which I made with some friends a few years back.

Just putting that out there.


The final update of 2011! This is mildly monumental. Hope you all had a good Christmas. I'm looking forward to another year filled with fun times and hopefully a new Sticks Downey record. It's coming along.

Check the Waste, you deadbeats.


'Sup goonz. It's Christmas time! Check out the final holiday-themed edition of the Waste and have a fine Xmas.

Also: all the Archive pages have been updated, and we now have an RSS feed. Blaow.


The Christmas-themed Waste continues, and will do so again one more time next week. I take no Christmas vacations. Enjoy the damn thing.


Hey, it's creeping towards Christmas, so I'm starting to add some holiday-themed movies and records to the mix. Check 'em out, Waste steez.


What is up. The holidays are upon us. So you've got that going for you. Read that Waste.


Hey nerds. Hope you're all gearing up for a sweet Thanksgiving. I'm going to wait in line for sneakers because I am a huge loser. Should be sweet.

Enjoy the Waste.


It's all falling into place. Read that Waste.


What the deal, what the deal. I'm hard at work on the new Sticks Downey record, which is coming along slowly. Hey, remember that old one we made? They're still for sale.

Enjoy the Waste.


What up youz guyz. Hope you all had a good Halloween. Have you checked out the new video I made for Sticks Downey's "C.H.U.D."? You should. It's right here.

Have a good week, and remember, you can always keep up with me on Twitter, because that's where I am every day. Now check out the new Waste.


Happy Halloween week, foolz! As promised, the new Sticks Downey song is here. If you'd like to listen to it and download it, you can do that over at the Viinyl page I set up for it. I also made a video, which is linked from this week's Waste.

And, Sticks is playing a Halloween party this weekend! If you want to come, hit me up and get you the details. We'll be doing our Halloween material for possibly the only time ever.

Have a happy Halloween, suckas.


Folks! Halloween is approaching and that can only mean one thing: The annual Sticks Downey Halloween song is about to be released. In fact, I'm almost done with it. Want to find out when it's ready and available for you to download for free? Like Sticks Downey on Facebook. I'll be yelling about it over there.

Enjoy the Waste.


The rain has arrived, and that means I've got even more time to work on music. The Sticks Downey Halloween track for 2011 is forthcoming. Stay tuned!

And, of course, enjoy the Waste.


Yo to the yo yo. A big happy birthday to EA and EB! Hope you guys have a good week. This Waste should help.


The new Waste is here! Use it to kill some time at work, won't you?


Man, it's getting to the later part of September. That means October is almost here, and that means I'm beginning to work on this year's Halloween songs. Brace yourselves. And enjoy the Waste.


What it be. The new Waste has arrived. Love it with every bit of yourself.


It's heating up! Enjoy some Waste.


The weeks just keep flying by. Hope you're all ready for your big Labor Day weekend. I'm going to spend mine sleeping and making rap music. Here's the Waste.


Hey there. It is hot. But I finally stopped sweating long enough to cobble together some new Waste. So you better enjoy it.


Yo yo. The Sticks Downey record is coming along nicely, and other things are in the works, too. You'll just have to take my word for it. For now, get your Waste on.


What's up, rubes. Another week of sweet Waste for you to kill five minutes of work with. Boom.


Been putting in some serious work on the new Sticks Downey record, and things are coming along. I know you're excited. Enjoy the Waste, chump-os.


Another week, another sweet-ass Weekly Waste for you to enjoy.


The rain continues to fall in Portland, while the rest of the country is being mortally scalded. Or at least that's my understanding. What a time we live in.

Enjoy the Waste, foolz.


Have you liked Sticks Downey on Facebook yet? Do that shizz.

And happy birthday to my man Talik!


Hope you all still have all your fingers. I've been putting in work on a revamped version of the Sticks Downey site and you should check it out. There's stuff on it. There is also new Waste. Take it all in.


What up. If you haven't already, check out my new Tumblr thing I've got going on. And, as always, enjoy the Waste.


After our Week 400 blowout, we're back to the basics. If I seem a little excited, it's because softball season has started, and I'm back on the diamond. This is what I live for as an old-man-in-training.

Enjoy the Waste, suckas.


Welcome to Week 400 here at Sly Records. Yes, it's another milestone for us, and yes, I've once again cobbled together a ramshackle special edition of the Waste, with an assist from Biff in our movie category.

So, thanks go to him, and thanks go to you, if you're reading this. You are a trooper. And you're welcome.


How be it? Wanna say happy birthday to my main man Oatmeal, who is one year older today. Also want to mention that next week marks Week 400 of slyrecords.com, and I may or may not do anything special for that. You'll have to check back to find out.

Enjoy the Waste.


What up y'all. Back into the swing of things after our somber tribute last week. Enjoy the updates this time around, and keep coming back every Wednesday morning.


And we're back. Sorry for the lack of updates last week, but the interruption in service could not be avoided.

As you probably assumed it might be, this week's update is dedicated to the memory of Randy "Macho Man" Savage, a dude who did some serious shaping of our childhoods. Enjoy.


Yo foolz. I'm heading to Atlanta for work at the beginning of next week and staying there for like four days, so, sadly, there will be no updates. I apologize in advance for the gaping hole this will leave in your otherwise pointless existence. But if you need something to read, head over to Stallion Alert, because I've written over 700 posts over there, and I know you haven't read all of them.

Enjoy this week's updates, and I'll see you in a few.


What up y'all. Just got back from watching our old friend ONUG rock it out with M. Ward at the Crystal Ballroom. Yes, that's where guest spots on the CAC record from ten years ago will get you. You're welcome.


Hey yo. Did I ever share the link to the Sticks Downey video I put together a few weeks ago? Think I may not have. It is here. Enjoy it. And also enjoy the newest Weekly Waste. You're welcome.


Welcome to another fine week here at Sly Records. Hope you're all having a good one. Maybe a new Weekly Waste will help things along.


Hey hey. Hope you're all having a good week. If you want to read about how Biff and I spent our spring break, start here and just keep moving forward. Still a work in progress, but it's coming along. We did some damage. Follow me on Twitter if you haven't already. I'm a champ with that bizness.


I'm back, and refreshed as ever. With that comes a new Weekly Waste, which I know you've all been waiting for. Enjoy it.


What up goonz. Sorry for the lateness this week. First time in long while, so I don't feel too bad. But, to add insult to injury, I will not be updating at all next week, because Mr. Biff Pocaroba is rolling into town, and I'm taking the week off work/life to mark the occasion.

I'll be back first week of April. Until then, enjoy this week's Waste and check out Stallion Alert if you haven't recently. Stuff going on over there.

See you soon, foolios.


Quick announcement: the updates will be a day late next week, because I'm going to be out of town for work until Wednesday evening. So expect that shizz on Thursday, suckas. That is all. Enjoy the Waste.


Yo yo. Few things. First off, the Movie, Slang, and Top Ten archive pages have all been updated, so as of now, the complete lists are current.

Also, I've installed one o' them fancy share buttons at the bottom of the Waste page. Use it if you would like to. It was a little wonky when I was trying to use it for Facebook (pulling pictures from past weeks), so there still may be some kinks to work out.

But hey, look at how current we are!


As I was renewing the slyrecords.com domain on Sunday, I noticed that the day I originally bought it was February 28, 2001. That's right, folks: this site is offcially a decade old. Crazy. The first Weekly Waste is dated September of 2001, so apparently there was a good half-year in there where I was figuring out what to do with this thing. Ah, fuzzy memories.

I didn't really plan anything special for this, but you will notice that there is a sweet new header and a rounder Waste image on that page. Consider your mind blown, and enjoy the updates.


What the deal, dudes and dudettes. I've been back writing on Stallion Alert, so check that out if you're bored. And, as always, get with those updates.


Yo to the yo. Hope you're all having a good week. Enjoy the updates, and keep coming back. Apparently I'm showing no signs of slowing down.


What up foolz. I went to the Eugene Record Convention last weekend and wrote about it on Stallion Alert. Check that out. Follow me on Twitter for fun all week long, and enjoy the newest updates.



Hope you're all staying warm. Hey, if you haven't liked Sticks Downey on Facebook yet, it would really be great if you did that. So do it.

As always, check out the updates, and see you next week!


What up chumps. Another week, another sweet update. Every Wednesday morning. Like clockwork.


I'm hard at work refining the beats on the new Sticks Downey record, and I'm mighty excited about it. So don't bug me. I'm holed up in head-nod mode. Boom.


Lot of ones in that date. It must be cosmic. Hope you're all having a solid new year so far. I've been working on a bunch of new music, and I'm really hoping to have some of it out soon. You know how that goes.


Happy 2011, goofballs. I'm going to assume it's going well. Enjoy the updates, and let's get ready to tackle another year. Who knows what it will bring. Maybe the 10th anniversary of slyrecords.com? Yikes.


Hey. Hope you all had a good holiday, and are going to keep things mad safe for the new year. If you need me, I'll be on my couch playing Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Yo yo. Hope you all have a pleasant holiday. I'm going to treat myself to all the naps I can handle.

Merry Christmas, Sly faithful.


Hope you can all come out to the Raashan Ahmad/Coolzey/Sticks Downey show next week. Here's the Facebook page for that bizness.

In other sweet news, our pals The Buttery Lords have released their new single, "Famous in Portland," which you can cop for free here. AND, they're playing a show this Thursday in support of it. But, it's not your run-of-the-mill gig. Check the gong-show-ness of it all here.

You should come. Enjoy the updates, and come to these shows! a


If you missed our front page, check that shizz. Sticks Downey is doing a show week after next with Coolzey and Raashan Ahmad. You should come. Because you never come to shows anymore.


What up, y'all. Hope you're all ready for a big meal and some serious laying-around time. I know I am. Enjoy that shizz. And follow me on Twitter! I'm doing big thangz over there.


Here's something that I should have done a long time ago that I just did: Pretty to Look At's entire recorded output is now available on their artist page for your free downloading enjoyment. Scroll down near the bottom and check the links.

You're welcome.


My friends. Suddenly it is dark and raining. I can't help but assume you've got more time than ever to spend on our highly exclusive message board. Join the convo, won't you?


November is in this piece. And things keep moving along. Remember: the Weekly Waste is updated every Wednesday morning. Set an alarm.


Happy almost Halloween, everyone! If you haven't done so already, go to the Sticks Downey site and grab that free Halloween song. It's yours to keep. And keep checking back there: there might be another one before the week is over...


Hey! Who likes Halloween music? You do! So go to the Sticks Downey site and get your hands on our new Halloween track, "C.H.U.D." And play it at all your parties.


It's all falling into place. The Sticks Downey Halloween track is almost done. Expect an announcement and a free download soon.


Happy birthday to Biff! He'll be in town here in a few weeks, so if any of you jokers want to hang, let's make it happen. You know where to find us.

In other news, the newest Sticks Downey Halloween track is almost in the can. Look for it soon. You can still find the old one here. Hellz yeah.


365 Weeks. This is probably not as monumental as I like to think it is, but I just love the idea that if you go on over to our comprehensive Archives page, you could now help yourself to a Weekly Waste every day for the entire next year. In fact, you should. If I had some way to make a digital Waste-a-Day calendar, I would. But I don't even know how to begin doing that.

As it is, you can still enjoy this week's 365-themed updates. And yes, that's a Ferrari 365 on the front page.

Nailed it.

Oh, and if you feel like reliving some Sly Records memories on this momentous occasion, poke around here for a bit. That'll take you back.


It's Week 364 here at Sly Records, which can only mean one thing: Next week is the big 365. Yep, that's right. We will now have a Weekly Waste for every day of the year. This won't do anyone any good, but I'm using it as an excuse to do some fun stuff next week. So look for that.


What up jokers. Beats are being made, rhymes are being written. Can another Sticks Downey album be too far away? My sources say, "possibly!"


Why aren't you following me on Twitter? I'm really making shit happen over there.


Happy Birthday to my main man Deez, though I doubt he reads the site anymore. Deez on, my boy.

I'm going to see Pavement on Friday. It is going to be slacktastic.


Welcome to week 360 here at Sly Records. And you said we'd never last. Suckers.


As the cool August breeze blows through my open windows, it seems I can bid my back sweat adieu. For now. Enjoy the updates.


Yes. Everything has been updated. Just like it is every Wednesday morning. You know that. Now enjoy it.


What up chump-os. Hey, Sticks Downey has a hot new Facebook page. You should Like the shit out of it.


Folks. Check out my sweet wrap-up of the latest Sticks show over at the official Sticks Downey website homepage thingy. Good times. Working on new music and neglecting all else. Great times.


You guys missed a heckuva house party. Pictures coming soon.

All the archives have been updated, so everything is up to date. I know you're excited about that.

Enjoy the updates.


A big happy birthday to my main man Talik! Still gettin' it done. Sticks Downey will be playing a rowdy house party this weekend, because I'm apparently not too old for that sort of thing. Hit me up if you want in.


Had a damn fine time in WA for the 4th, but now I'm back and as refreshed as ever.

Sticks Downey is playing a house party on July 17th, and I'm free to invite anyone who wants to come. If you're interested, hit me up using that "contact" link on the left there and I'll give you the deets. Should be a crazy rager. Buttery Lords are playing, too. Seriously: wild.


I've got my M-80s and I'm ready to blow some shit up. Hope you all have a good holiday weekend. I'll be doing the usual: watching NASCAR while rocking jorts and a tank-top. Should be tight.


Are you following me on Twitter? You should be. And the board's hoppin'! Dold met Daniel Baldwin! Beat that, losers.


Waddup, nerds. Welcome to Week 350 here at Sly Records. We just keep getting it done. Speaking of getting it done, there's been a little action on the boards recently. Haven't seen that in a while... Let's keep it going. And enjoy the updates.


Happy birthday to my man Oatmeal! Now if he could just use his oaty powers to make this rain stop...


It's June and it's still doing all sorts of raining here in Portland. And that's why we love it. Right?


Y'all ready for a three-day weekend? I know I am. Going to see Road House: The Play on Friday and Henry Rollins on Saturday. It's going to be a testosterone-y couple of days.


At Slabtown this Friday: The Best Kissers in the World reunite! Our pal Stan McMahon is also playing. I am so there.

Thanks for checking in. Remember: updates are waiting for you every Wednesday morning. It's a mid-week goodtime fiasco of funness.


Mad fun was had at the Tonic show last week. I'm going to try and set up a weekend show soon so all you old fogies can come out and not have to whine about it. With your kids and your jobs...get a life, people!

Seriously though, a weekend show would be sweet.


This Thursday. The Tonic Lounge. Sticks Downey. Two-band bill, should be over plenty early for all you wusses out there. Bring it. And bring your friends.


Welcome to week 343 of Sly Records: The Site. It's updated every Tuesday night, so when you get to work on Wednesday, you can kill 10 minutes reading it. You're welcome.


Hope you're all having a good week. I've been working on some new music and getting all sorts of other shit done. It's a good time. Enjoy the up to the dates.


People of Portland: KPSU is having a rock and wrestling fundraiser this Friday night. I'm not involved, but I am going because it sounds awesome and it's cheap and it's for a good cause. Maybe I'll see you there. There will be submission matches and black metal. Holy crap.


I'm back! And I'm tired. But the updates are here. Hope you're all having the week to end all weeks.


Yo to the yo. I'm going on vacation this next week, so there will be no updates. Try to maintain some semblance of normalcy during this difficult time, and prepare yourself for my return in April. It shall be a homecoming like no other. See you then.


Welcome to Corey Haim Tribute Week here at Sly Records. I received the news of Haim's passing just a few short hours after posting the updates last week, so if this seems like it's a bit delayed, that's why. But we're getting it done.

If you've been following the site for a long time, you're probably familiar with Biff's love of Corey Haim movies. I've linked to all his previous Haim-starring movie reviews on this week's Waste page, and this week also features Biff dropping some knowledge on some Haim-related items that we had yet to cover.

Hope you enjoy our little tip of the cap.



You keep coming back here every week, don't you? I know there's at least three of you. And you're all related to me. Now that's family!

Enjoy the updates.


March already. I've been in the lab working on some new Sticks Downey stuff, so that's something. Lots of songs coming together. Still lots of work to do.

Glad to see you're still here.


Need sleepy. See you foolios next week.


Hope you're all having a good week. I can't complain - I've been getting a tremendous amount of sleep lately. It never disappoints. If you haven't taken a four-hour nap lately, I highly recommend it. You can thank me later.

Also, the archives have been updated. Shit is mad current.


The weeks just keep flyin' by. Hope you all have a good Valentine's Day, you hopeless romantics. I expect cards from all of you.


Goodness. Busy week. Hope you're all having a good one. I just got Beatles Rock Band and I've barely had time to play it. It's killing me. Yep, I've got big problems.


A big Happy Birthday to our friend Latrice aka Lattice aka Rockin' aka Gladys the Groovy Mule.

And I hope you're having a good week.

Sticks Downey CDs and downloads are still on sale at CD Baby, and this week a dollar from every CD sold is going to Haitian relief efforts. It's a purchase you can feel good about, and it will make me feel good, too.


I got a sweet new TV this week, and it's making doing anything but watching it quite a struggle. Luckily, part of my duties for this site involve me watching crummy movies on it. So it all works itself out. Never have VHS tapes looked so sweet.

Enjoy the updates and keep checking back.


What's the word, you hellions? Hope the new year is treating you well. Enjoy the Waste, and make sure you're keeping your game tight. It's all we've got anymore.


And here we are in 2010. Ain't it grand?

Our buddy Nate (ONUG) put out a new record with his group Duover, and you can check it out right here.Enjoy that bizness. And enjoy the updates. They're ready every Wednesday morning. Boom.


Happy end of the year, you old so-and-so's. Happy end of the decade, even. Enjoy Week 327 of slyrecords.com, and be safe out there. See you in the aught-tenners.


Merry almost Christmas, nerds! As you can see, I'm not on vacation yet. In fact, I'm not really going on vacation. I'll be back next week at our regularly scheduled time to close out the year with some "best-of" lists that I fear no one enjoys but me. So, you can look forward to that. Or not.

Hope you have a good holiday.


Xmas is approaching. Brace yourselves. The holiday doesn't fall on my updating day, so things around here should proceed as usual. More Christmas-themed stuff next week!


Folks. I feel like garbage. I know I'm not the only one. Throw those Kleenex in the air and let me know who's with me.


Whaddup nerds. Hey! Our boy ONUG was on the Bonnie Hunt show this morning with his band Sea Wolf. Check that shit out, Facebook style, right here.He's the guy with the floppy hat/beard/magic pinky.

Happy December, y'all. Keep it here. I take no holiday breaks. Or at least I'm not planning on taking any.



Who's ready for a long weekend? Me. And probably you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. And enjoy the updates. And come back next week.


Welcome to week 321 here at Sly Records. Man, I've been at this for a while. You punks better appreciate it.

Enjoy the Waste and stay dry out there.


Oh, how I stay up too late updating this site for the four of you. You better appreciate it.

Word. Keep coming back, y'all.


Exhausting week, but the Sly Records offices have safely transitioned to their new location. All is right again. Enjoy the updates.


Thought I was moving last weekend, but that didn't happen. Hopefully doing it this weekend. Regardless, I don't expect any delay in the ol' updates.

You probably saw it on the front page, but if you didn't, there's a new Sticks Downey Halloween track! Go to our site and download it for free.

You're welcome. And enjoy Halloween week here. You know how I do.


People. I am moving this weekend, and if worse comes to worst (yeah, that's how you say it) the updates may be a little late. I am going to do everything in my power to not let that happen, but you never know. Regardless, when the update does go up, expect it to be Halloweenerific. I may not dress up anymore, but I can still bring the ghoulishness.

Enjoy the updates, and keep checking back.


I'm working on a Sticks Downey Halloween track that is very close to being finished. It'll be available for free download as soon as it is, in plenty of time for your Halloween parties. So check back for that shizz.

Thanks to Oatmeal for helping out with the Top Ten lists this week and last. If anybody else thinks they've got what it takes, feel free to post something on the board and we'll see what we can do.


Belated birthday wishes to EB and EA! We really have the 30's locked down, don't we?

The Archives have been fully updated, and the Waste is fresh. And I'm tired.


The days are growing shorter, folks. Must mean it's about time to break out my Ed Grimley costume for Halloween. That's what all the kids are into this year, right?


I made a sweet beat out of the Meatballs theme song. Head on over to the official Sticks Downey site and give 'er a listen.

And enjoy those gol-darned updates.


Portland VegFest this weekend! Who's with me? There's going to be like all kinds of vegetables there and shit. It's going to be off the parsnip root.

Enjoy the updates.


It's about that 9.9.09 time, ain't it? Beatles fans rejoice. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, and hit up them boards ,they're looking pretty slow.

Word. Hope everyone's having a good week.


Folks, I got a new computer and it is awesome. My old one crapped out, but fear not: the precious Sly Records files remain unscathed.

Hope your week is working out for you.


Still pluggin' away. Enjoy the updates and the last little bit of August. Oh, the summer slip-slides away.

Remember: new Weekly Waste every Wednesday morning. Tell your friends.


People. If you're not following me on Twitter, you should be. I'm just letting it all hang out over there.

Join in the fun.

And while you're at it, think about buying a Sticks Downey CD. It's a mile-a-minute word-a-thon.


Raaaaaaaiiiin. I don't mind. I'm enjoying a nice cooldown from the blistering heat. Hope you are too. Need something to read? After you check out the Weekly Waste, head on over to Stallion Alert. I'm back at it.


Getting back into the swing of things. Enjoy the updates, and hope you're sweating less. I know I am.


And we're back!

Have you been looking for a way to show your support for this site and all the pleasure you get from it? Looking for a way to give back? Well, here's what you can do: go to CD Baby and buy a copy of When the Belt Changes Hands, the sweet new CD from Sticks Downey. The CD's only ten bucks, or you can download the whole darn thing for a mere eight.

There's my sales pitch; take it as you will. Enjoy the updates and we'll see you next week.


Hey hey. Summer is in full effect. As such, I'm taking a vacation from work for the next week and a half, and I suspect that I probably won't be updating the site next week. I might, but if I don't, don't panic. Carry on without your weekly dose of supreme hilarity. We'll get through this.

Ah, yes.


Friends. I implore you. Sticks Downey at the Tonic Lounge this Thursday, July 9. We go on at 10 and there's a gang of other great groups to check out that night. You should really come. And maybe even let me give you some stickers and a button and then try to talk you into buying a shirt.

It'll be grand.


Sticks Downey. This Thursday, July 2nd, at The Space in Salem. Bring it.

And have a good holiday weekend.


People. TWO Sticks Downey shows coming up. July 2 at The Space in Salem, and July 9 at The Tonic in Portland. It's gonna be a couple o' crazy Thursdays.

Be there.


Seems like we just celebrated our 200th weekly update, and here we are at the big three-double-zero. What can I say? After 300 nights spent staying up way too late and trying to be funny, I still feel like we've got plenty more to offer. Plus, we all know it stopped being funny in 2004, so the pressure's really off me at this point. It's nice to have had that weight lifted.

Admittedly, it hasn't been 300 weeks straight, but for most of our run, we've been fairly consistent. We can all just pretend like 2006 didn't happen, right? That's what I did then, and it's what I continue to do now.

Our first Weekly Waste debuted on September 28, 2001. In a shaky and timid post-9/11 climate, the world needed something to occupy their minds. We promised to give those troubled souls something pointless to read for at least four minutes a week, and we still do.

Hope you're still reading, and I hope you still find it interesting.

Tell your friends. Seriously. After eight years, we should be getting way more web traffic than we do.


Welcome to Week 299 here at Sly Records. I'm trying to get some fun stuff together for our 300th week next time around; we'll see if that happens.

As you can see from the front page, Sticks Downey has a show coming up on July 9th. Bunch of bands, good venue, fun to be had. Hope to see you there.


My goodness, it's already June. Hope you're all enjoying some nicer weather; I know we are.

If you have some time, check out the new-and-improved sticksdowney.com.

Some good stuff happening there. And feel free to pick up a copy of the CD while you're browsing. I've still got plenty of 'em left.


Yes yes. Hope you all had a good long weekend.

Don't know if you're keeping score or not, but Week 300 of our weekly updates is quickly approaching. If there's something special you'd like to see for this momentous occasion, please let us know. I will do my best to oblige.

Keep it here.


A great time was had by all at the Ash St. I'll be writing something up about it soon, but I haven't yet. Enjoy the updates, and keep it here. More stuff coming up soon.


Sticks Downey, this Saturday at the Ash. St.

Be there if you know what's good for you.


Folks. The Sticks Downey record release show is on Saturday, May 16 at the Ash St. I want to see you there.


Hey hey. Sticks Downey is featured prominently (and by that, I mean near the beginning) in episode 65 of the Hipster Please podcast. Go here to check it out. There's a bunch of great music on it.

Speaking of Sticks, we just lined up another show. This time it'll be at the Tonic Lounge on July 9. More on that one as it approaches. For now, please mark your calendars for our May 16 show! It's a Saturday, so you've got no excuse not to be there. Ash St. Saloon, you know the deal.

I've got CDs, t-shirts for the guys and gals, stickers, buttons; the whole enchilada. Hope to see all of you.


In what can only be described as one of the weirdest and most awesome things ever, Sly Records has finally been recognized for our tireless commitment to increasing the slang lexicon. I had planned a huge entry about all this, but I'm dead tired, so I'm going to make it brief. But here are the facts:

A book called Slang: The People's Poetry by Michael Adams was released by the Oxford University Press at the beginning of the month and about four of the book's 256 pages are devoted to some of our "raunchier" slang words and our site in general.

Salon.com reviewed the book and also mentioned us, and you can check that out here.

One of the customer reviews of the book on Amazon mentions us (as well as some specifics) and that is here.

It's really hard to explain the context in which he speaks about us (I bought a copy of the book), but it is favorable ("the genius behind Sly Records" is used more than once, and we don't think it's sarcastic). This isn't some fun-time list of dirty slang phrases, either. The book is very academic, as the author is both a college professor and a linguistics expert.

If there is a demand to know more about what he wrote about us, I'll find a way to show the book to you guys or relay some key quotes. I just don't wanna copy the pages of the book or anything because that would be all illegal and shit.

Anyway, we've finally been immortalized. 'Bout time.


If you were looking for the updates last week and missed 'em, they've since been added (see below).

Big Sticks Downey show coming up on May 16. You should really be there. Really.


Huge apologies for the late updates, but I had a crazy busy week with the first Sticks Downey shows, and there just wasn't time to get it done by the deadline. You understand.

Speaking of the shows, they went great! Check out our Myspace for some photos and YouTube for some videos courtesy of our pal Mike Daily. And check out the Top Ten this week for some additional notes on the gigs.

Next show is on May 16 with the Buttery Lords and The Wall Hits. Set the alarm on your cell phone and be there.


What up y'all. Check the info below for dates and locations of the three (count 'em, three) Sticks Downey shows that are coming up next week! Hope to see some familiar faces...

Have a good week and enjoy the updates.


People. The first Sticks Downey shows are coming up in about two weeks! Hope you're ready to get your asses rapped off.

I'm Twittering about Sticks Downey and anything else that comes to mind right here.Follow my shit.


In addition to the Sticks Downey shows listed below, we've also lined up a gig for Saturday, May 16, at the Ash St. Saloon in downtown Portland. We'll be doing it up big time, playing with the Buttery Lords and a few other groups who are on the verge of being confirmed.

I know it's a few months off, but mark your calendar!


Sticks Downey: The First Shows!

That's right, we're ready to bring it to you live. And we're sprawling out of the box like we mean it, doing three shows in three nights. Here's the way it's going to work:

The lineup for all three shows is the same:
Sticks Downey
The Rhombus
So Sadly Fucked

Not necessarily in that order. Here's the when and where:

Tuesday, April 7: Olympia, WA. Yup, the first Sticks show is not going to be in Oregon. It's going to be at The 4th Ave in the capitol city.

Wednesday, April 8: Salem, OR. We'll be at The Space, which I'm sure some of you good folks are familiar with (another fine capitol city establishment).

Thursday, April 9: Portland, OR. At the Report Lounge, which was formerly the Chesterfield and is at 11th and East Burnside.

Hope you guys can make it out!


Another week rolls by, and we keep doing the do. Hope you all are enjoying this lousy Smarch weather. Enjoy the dag gum updates, and support us by buying a copy of the Sticks Downey CD!

Also, I noticed some of the Top Ten links in the Archive were dead, so I am fixing those.


Sticks Downey has scheduled a gig! We're playing at the Report Lounge (formerly the Chesterfield) on April 9th, with Coolzey and some other folks. More details when I get 'em.

Until then, feel free to buy a copy of the album. We've still got some left.


What a night!

Our buddy Nathan (Youth In Asia, The Put-Outs, ONUG from CAC) was on David Letterman tonight! He's currently playing guitar/keyboards with M. Ward, and he had the incredible honor of gracing the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater this evening. We couldn't be happier for him. Turns out a scruffy kid from Salem can make good.

Doesn't look like CBS has posted the video quite yet, but I bet it'll be up here soon.

Sticks Downey shows are close to being confirmed! I should have the details by next week. And if you haven't picked up your copy of the new CD yet, what are you waiting for? Get it!


Yeah, y'all. Hope you're all having a good week. Should be some stuff coming up soon, so keep it here for the updates.

Enjoy the weekly madness.


You know how I do it. Check the stuff below for all the Sticks Downey info you can handle. Haven't purchased the new CD yet? You really should. Come on, I give you all this fun stuff for free every week. It's the least you can do.

Shows should be coming up pretty soon! Keep it here.


As you probably saw on the front page, the big day has finally arrived! Sticks Downey CDs are here. If you would like to purchase one, you can do that right here.You should also friend us up on Myspace, if you haven't done so already. We'll be playing some shows in the near future, and I'll keep you posted on when and where those will be happening.

Thanks for your support. I've also got t-shirts, buttons, and stickers. If you're interested, you can drop me a line.

I'm excited for you guys to hear this new music.


Barring any unforeseen UPS mishaps, the Sticks Downey CDs should be in my hot little hands Wednesday the 21st (possibly today, depending on how faithful you are to my updates). The album should be up on CD Baby shortly after that, ready to be purchased and downloaded. Keep it here for updates.

Jonesing for a preview? I posted six tracks from When the Belt Changes Hands on our MySpace page. Check 'em out, and friend us up.


It's all coming together. The Sticks Downey CDs are scheduled to be here the middle of next week, and they should be for sale online shortly after that. And believe me, when they are, you'll be hearing all about it. Stay tuned here for the pertinent info.

Hope you're having a good week, enjoy them updates.


Another year has passed. We started this site towards the tail end of '01. Hard to believe, coming up on eight years later, we're still here. And best of all, we've actually got some new music coming out! The Sticks Downey discs are being manufactured as we speak, and should be available for purchase soon. And I know I can count on all four of you to support the cause.

Whaddya say kids? Let's make this the best year ever!


Happy almost new year, you hooligans. I'll be counting down the end of the year with the Supersuckers at Dante's on Wednesday night, which will be, as the kids are saying these days, the "chronic lasagna."

Are you ready for Sticks Downey? Because we are coming. I've been drawing x's and o's on the whiteboard, really putting together a tough-to-beat game plan. It involves getting some music to you in the near future.

The CDs should be going to press either this week or next.

That's some real bizness right there.


Merry Christmas everybody, and thanks for checking out week 275 here at Sly Records. Aside from the weather being severely ass-like, the holidays should be good. Biff's still planning on being here, and unless we can't make it, we're planning on going to the Widgets show on Friday. Realistically, everything's still up in the air. We take it day by day.

The Sticks Downey album is going to the presses at the beginning of the new year, and should be out by the middle of January. I'm going to be talking about nothing but that for a long time, so get used to it.

Have a good holiday, we'll see you next week.


You heard right (if you didn't, check the front page). A new CD for the '09. It's in the final stages of preparations right now, and should be ready really soon. I've been working on this thing for the last year or two, and I'm really excited about it.

More details will be available as things become more solid, but get ready for it. It's coming.


Did anyone else hear about the Widgets reunion? Holy crap, it's all happening. Even better, Biff will be in town at the time. We're planning to be in Salem on the 26th for the show.

See some of you fools there?


What the dilly dill. The year is coming to a close and things are still happening here, slowly but surely. Enjoy the updates and keep checking in with us.


Yo gang. Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving. I've got my sweatpants ready.


The year's almost over. Oh, how the time flies. It's been a busy one for me, and you will soon reap the rewards. Be patient and shit.


Hey, it's 11/11. I just realized that. You want things. You need new things in your life. I am going to bring you those things. It is not too late. Sly Records will rise again.

Just watch us.


Folks. Hope you had a good election day. I spent mine in my shoddily constructed bomb shelter, fearing the worst. But, I'm still here, so maybe I should stop reading all that propaganda.

Keep it tuned to this station.


It's almost that Halloween time. Hope you all have a good one. As I've said, things are happening. These things have been pushed back a little bit, but they are still happening. Stay tuned. Hope you're enjoying the new site.


Another week. The site re-vamp is in full effect, and everything is almost done. Hope you're liking it. Sorry the updates were a day late, my computer was in the shop. Everything is fine now, and I'm back to it.

Stay with us.


Holy moly, it's a whole new website. Poke around, you'll see what I did.

The big thing: all the old weekly pages (every single one, starting from the beginning) have been converted to the new format. Go to the new (and not quite done) archives page for a huge list. Pretty much everything else has been redone as well. Should fit better on your screen and be easier to deal with in general. There are bound to be mistakes and dead links, etc. That'll work itself out. I need to sleep now.



Hey, a happy belated birthday to both EB and EA.

Hate to sound like a broke record, but lots of stuff is happening. Keep it here.


It's so close I can taste it. What is it?

Stick around to find out.


Something is coming. Soon. I promise. Keep checking back.

And get on the board, you ne'er-do-wells.

That's right. I said it.


Folks! The weeks just keep slipping away. And I keep doing this. For you.

Because that is the kind of person I am.


Labor Day. More like Gaybor Day. Am I right, people?

Seriously though, it was good to have a three-day weekend. But, we are back, and we keep going. Enjoy the updates.


Another week. Props to EA for showing me more love on the big screen at the Beavers game. I am an attention whore, and I'll take it where I can get it.

I'm still writing about good music, every day, at Stallion Alert. Read it at work when you are bored. You just might learn something. Or, you might develop some actual taste in music. Would it kill you?


Folks. How do.

Things are going good on this end. It's raining and I love it. Enjoy the darn updates, won't you?


Things are happening. Oh, how things are happening. Stay with us. Enjoy the updates. Tell your friends.

Pass us all around.


Happy August you sons o' bitches. Thanks for checking in.

My back sweat continues.


The summer is flying by. Seems like it was just yesterday that I took my jet skis out of storage...

Are you reading my Stallion Alert blog? You really should be.


And we're back!

Good week off. No work, no websites, nothing. It went by quick.

Biff was in town, some music was made, I'll leave it at that. Stay with us.


Back sweat is a grim reality, folks.

So - There will most likely be no updates next week, as Biff is coming into town and I'm taking my first vacation in two years. Deal with it foolios. If anybody wants to hang while Mr. Pocaroba's in town, email me and let me know.

See you in two.


This is how we do it.

Hot damn, it's July. Let's celebrate our independence and shit. My whitey neighbors are already setting off fireworks. Yee-haw! Look at dem smoke bombs!

Enjoy the updates.


Welcome to week 250 here at Sly Records. We have nothing special planned. Just more bragging rights for me. So suck it, losers.

Yikes, that was an outburst.


God damn, it's a brand new payback.

Thanks for checking in. Once again, want to plug my blog, Stallion Alert, and encourage you to give it a once over, maybe leave a comment or something. We can get a dialog going.

Enjoy them updates.


Oh, you people.

Was everyone as shocked as I was at the finale of Miss Rap Supreme? I thought Byata had it, but Rece Steele stepped up when she had to. I'm still recovering.

Did you know that I have a new blog? One that I write in every single day?

It's called Stallion Alert and you should bookmark the shit out of it. It's about music. Good music. Nerding out on music.

All that jazz.

But no actual jazz.


What's up, m'nerds?

Another fun week here. Enjoy the updates and keep coming back. Summer is apparently never going to arrive, so that's something.


Did everybody have a good long weekend? I spent some quality time doing nothing. It was pretty sweet. Now we press on, as the summer quickly approaches.

Stick with us.


Hey, it finally feels like summer. Everybody got big plans for Memorial Day? I'm going to run a telemarketing scam, but I haven't decided which one yet. Decisions, decisions...

Thanks for checking in. Spread the word.


We keep on moving. Astute Sly Records viewers (is that what you are?) will notice that we are now rocking a sweet favicon (that "S" up by our web address) and a cool new Weekly Waste logo.

Breathe it all in. It's really happening.


Man, we just keep rolling along, whatever that means. Enjoy the updates and tell your friends.

If you have any.


Oh, this rain will never stop. That's cool, summer should last at least until October this year. Which is ideal, because I'm dressing up as Jimmy Buffet for Halloween. So that's all falling into place.

Thanks for checking in.


What the deal, what the deal.

See the note about our MySpace below if you haven't already checked that out, and thanks to those of you who have so graciously accepted that big fat friend request. We have so many methods of keeping you informed about the things that we will someday do.


Hey, it's tax day! So, that's something. Pay up, you bums.

I'm revamping the Sly Records MySpace page, so if you were already friends with us and you get a new friend request from us, accept that bizness. Or, if you're not friends with us yet, you should be. Go here, foolio. It's our new page. Looks just like the old page but we have a hot new URL.


Another week goes by. I got some good naps in this weekend, and that can't be a bad thing. Thanks to Sarie for the sweet monkey riding the dog photo that she took in Panama.

Keep coming back.


Ah, I just realized it's April Fool's Day and I probably should have done something nutty for it. But then I remembered that I hate shit like that. So, here we are, another week. Keep checking back, some things are coming up.



People, people, people. These are the days. Let's live 'em.

Music is being made, projects are coming together. Keep checking back for all the latest news.

Does anybody out there have an old ringside bell laying around? I know you do. Wanna let me borrow it?

Let me know.


Middle of March, that can only mean one thing! Spring Break! I'm taking my video camera and going to Daytona! Who wants to shave my chest?

Just let me know.

The archives have been updated, and a few of the Waste pages that got lost have been replaced, close to their original form. Google's cache is a wonderful thing. So, everything should be current.

Enjoy it.


Yo, a big happy birthday to our man ONUG aka Joaquin Andujar, who is celebrating today.

Daylight savings is a killer. I'm tired. But I'm always tired.


Hey, how do you like our new logo? Pretty snazzy, huh?

CAC CD's are at Ranch. Get 'em while you can.


Almost March? This short month is kind of bunk. Although I guess this is a leap year... It's all very interesting.

Stuff's happening. There has been a request for CAC CD's at Ranch Records in Salem. I will be taking some there this weekend. So, you know, if you know anybody who wants one, they will be there.

Yes, we've still got some left.


The weeks just fly by. Pretty soon it will be summer. I can't wait to break out my tank tops and board shorts.

Updates are good to go. We keeps it real.


Hey, another week has come and gone. It's dreary here, but getting warmer. I can dig it.

Enjoy the weekly stuff, keep coming back.



A few things: Joe and Wendy Talik welcomed their first child into the world this last week! Aedan Alexander Talik was born at 7PM on Friday, February 1st. He's healthy and doing well. So, congratulations to them.

And, I moved the site over to a new server this week, which is really inconsequential but I just thought I'd mention it. It should free me up to do even more stuff on here. We'll see if that happens.

Have a good week. I think we can all rest easy now that football season is over.


Another week, more good times. It's been snowing, just not enough to keep me home from work. Super Paper Mario is not going to play itself. Thanks for checking in.

Our good pal Joe Talik is expecting his baby boy real soon... it's getting exciting!

I'll keep you posted.


It is just unbelievably cold. Really. It could at least snow if it's going to be like this. Hope you're staying warm out there. Thanks for checking in.

Tell your friends.


Alright. Thanks for checking in. We're really getting into the new year here. Feels good. Three day weekend coming up. I like those odds.



Yes... here we are again. Bunch of top tens this week, as Biff and I attempt to wrap up the year that was. As usual, our views are short-sighted and generally uninformed. But, that's why you love us. Or so I've been told.

Now I sleep.


Happy New Year, folks. Can't believe it's the '08. Eh, good times. Keep checking in with us, we may actually have some stuff going on this year. We're due, aren't we?

You bet we are.


Hey, so I was a day late. I was taking advantage of my time off and playing with some of my new toys. You can't argue with that. Hope you all had a good Christmas. Mine was pretty sweet.

It's supposed to do some serious snowing here tonight. Day off from work tomorrow...? Damn that would be nice.

Thanks for checking in. Have a safe New Year's Eve, we'll see you in the '08.


Hey, this'll be our last update before Christmas, so hope you all have a good one.

Might be a day late because of the holiday next week, we'll see what happens.

Thanks for checking in.


Man, I got started early on the updates tonight and then my power went out for an hour and a half. So, that was something. Thank god my DS was charged. It's the middle of December, folks, and it's cold as all get out. I'm sitting here listening to the new Wu-Tang album and I have to say it's pretty fantastic. That's all I got. It's late.

I'm in it to win it.


Ah, another week of unbridled excellence. This is what we do, people.

If you're in Oregon, put on your wading boots and enjoy the state of emergency.


The holidays are here. Belee dat.

I don't have much to say. Like I said, some things are in the works, but nothing can be announced quite yet.

Keep checking back. I am making things happen, etc.


Ah, I love a good holiday week. Puts me in a whole different state of mind.

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving.

If you have not added us on MySpace yet, do it to it.


Hey you crazy kids.

Between trying to make some music and playing Super Mario Galaxy, I am swamped. It's hard work. But I am up for it.

Thanks for hitting us up.


Hello, Sly faithful.

Hope you're all having a good week. Thanks for checking us out, as always. I can't believe it's November already. Well, yes I can, but it just seems like something people say. Things are good around here, the weather is somehow kind of warm and it's starting to be dark all the time, which I don't mind.

I just found out that Joe Lally from Fugazi is doing a solo show here in a couple of weeks. That should be something. I finally picked up the new Evens record (I had a hard time finding it for some reason) this weekend and it will be spending some serious time on the turntable. If I can't have Fugazi as a whole I will piece them together. Or something like that.

I'm off to the Wii and my Simpsons adventure. Isn't this what all grown men do?


Hey all you people. Happy Halloween! I'm going to celebrate by buying the new Simpsons game for my Wii and fully dropping out of society. So, what can I say? It's been real!

See you next week.


You know, sometimes you just have to listen to your Appetite for Destruction LP for no good reason at all. So, that's what I'm doing right now. Headphones on, listening to Axl scream his way through "You're Crazy." It's quite a scene, man. It will be another decade before I do this again.

Keep it real, keep checking in. I don't stop.


Oh, I really need to start sleeping more. It's only Tuesday and I'm feeling it. It's going to be a long week.

Enjoy the updates. Shit's happening here, just slowly and gradually and it's not worth noting yet.

Stay with us. Stay dry.

Sleep time.



How do you do? What do you say? It's getting cold and dreary here and I kind of like it.

Thanks for checking in, the updates are on time and they come correct.

Now I must sleep.


A big Happy Birthday to Biff, who celebrates his first out-of-Oregon birthday on Friday. Chuck E. Cheese will be rocked.

Thanks for checking in, keep checking back. Enjoy the weekly stuff.


Hope you all are having a good week. Not much going on here, just plugging along and trying to get stuff done. We'll let you know when and if that happens.

Hey, do us a favor and check out Matt Fargo's newest project RapHappy. He's put a lot of work into the site, and it's coming along quite nicely. Get on there and listen, record yourself, do what feels right.

See you next week.


What the deal, what the deal. Fall is here. I wore jeans today and it hurt me a little bit. Things are moving along here, the site keeps getting bigger and wheels are in motion. Will those wheels lead us to anything? You never know. So keep checking back. Enjoy the updates and have a productive week.



What is happening? Interesting weekend: Biff was in town, but the circumstances were unfortunate so it was bittersweet. But, we had a good time. The artist bios continue to go up, but they're still not finished. Anyway, enjoy the updates and keep checking back.

Apparently the summer's not over yet...


Hi folks. We just found out that our friend Jessica Liddell passed away yesterday in an accident on the North Santiam River, and we're still reeling from the shock and sadness. Jessica was a frequent attendee of CAC shows over the years, and we were lucky to have her as a friend and a very special part of our small and tight-knit musical family. Jessica was kind, responsible, and never failed to be a welcome, smiling face at many of our shows and get togethers. Most importantly, she will be remembered as a tremendous friend to many. Our thoughts are with her husband Marty and the rest of her family and friends in this difficult time. She will be sorely missed.

- B & E


Well, the summer's almost over. Where does the time go? Eh, whatever.

The discerning Sly Records internet fan will notice that the archiving system for the Waste has changed this week. Good eye, I say to you! Anyway, it's cleaner and better looking, and all in one spot. Access it from the bottom of the Weekly Waste page or jump to it right here if you just can't wait to see it. The discerning fan will also notice that there are some artist pages that have been added to the artists page. They aren't done yet, but feel free to look through them. When they are all done I will let you know and explain a bunch of stuff about them. Until then, you're on your own.

Enjoy the updates and let's all enjoy our Labor Day weekends, shall we? I'm going to spend mine eating.


What it be? I am settled into my new spacious office and really getting some shit done. Slowly, as always, but it's happening. Nothing too exciting, though. Here's something exciting: Our friend and recent Sticks Downey collaborator Coolzey is coming through town this next Monday the 27th to play a show at The Greek with Sadat X. It's sure to be a good time and I am going to be there. I know I won't see any of you there, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Enjoy the updates, I gotta get back to my DS.


So, I ended up being a day late.

My move went well, we're in a new place and I'm even more removed from society. That's how I like it. Like I said, there's going to be some more new stuff on the site soon, just not quite yet. Keep checking back. And get on the board, you wusses.

Read the stuff below if you haven't been here in a while.


Hey hey. The slyrecords.com office is once again moving this weekend, and my computer may be taking a trip to the Mac repair shop. Hopefully it won't interrupt the flow of things here. There's an off chance the updates will be a day late next week. If they are, you'll know why.

If you haven't seen my YouTube page, you should check it out here. I'm putting up some rare video footage of CAC and some of our other groups, not to mention some sweet old school wrestling clips. Subscribe to my page and you'll be in the know for updates.

I'm working on more new stuff for the site, but it's going to be on hold until I'm settled. So be patient, the three of you.


Good to see you back. I am dead tired and it's only Tuesday. That can't be a good sign.

Get on the board and check out the stuff below if you haven't caught up with us recently.


Another week of strange, strange weather. But really what do I care? it's not like I work outside.

I set up a Myspace page for Sly Records, hit it up here. We're going to try and have some rarities for you on there, so keep checking it out as it gets set up and updated.

The Simpsons Movie opens on Friday. I am going on Saturday. If you are interested, get on the board and let me know.



Hey folks. If you missed our 200th week stuff, read below.

I'm sitting here watching a Rolling Stone 20th anniversary special I have on tape and realizing that I just got their 40th anniversary issue in the mail recently. Oh, the times they are a-changin'. But one thing remains the same: Janis Joplin is terribly overrated.

Hope your summer's going well. Get on the board.


Well, here we are folks. 200 weeks of slyrecords.com. It's a big moment for us, kind of a bicentennial of sorts. This site has changed a lot over the years, and we have changed with it. Or something like that. We're not here to argue semantics. But, we have been here at least 200 separate times to provide some new and interesting stuff for you to enjoy. We've taken some breathers along the way, but we keep coming back. For you. And for ourselves.

To give you an idea of how long (albeit sporadically) we've been at this, think about this: When I launched slyrecords.com v1.0, I was 25 years old. I stand before you today, a grown man of 44, and a proud father of five.

Biff, having lived as an openly gay man for most of his life, is now married to at least two different Russian women, and has an additional secret family deep in the woods of North Dakota.

C-Dog, our unofficial mascot and biggest fan, died from complications during (what was supposed to be) a standard hookah repair in 2002. He will be missed.

So where do we go from here? We have no idea. For now, we've prepared some special things for this, our 200th week. First, a word from Biff, the founder of Sly Records and frequent contributor to the website that proudly bears that same name. It is as follows:

Ahh, 200 updates. Who knew that two of the laziest brothers in these continental states could manage to do something, with somewhat dependability, 200 times. When we decided to create a Sly Records website we agreed pretty quickly that it should be about more than just our releases and what shows that CAC had coming up. We basically wanted the site to be able to give people something new every time they came, which can not be said for many band/label sites that I visit with somewhat regularity. I don't think too much labor went into our "Weekly Waste" category choices section but much labor has
resulted from those choices. You try coming up with a new/awesome slang word every week. I dare you. I am thrilled how the site still goes although we haven't really released anything in like three years (CAC: 2010?) and will continue to go. My fave memories of the site so far are pretty random and I will list them in an appropriate top 10 list format below:

10. Raging message board debates between Wock, Icy Hot Stunna, MC Radiation and No Soul Johnny.
09. Receiving an annoyed email from the creator of "Sledgehammer," a show that we genuinely love.
08. The word "double eye blinky."
07. The phrase "What's the Dio, Ronnie James?"
06. This old front page.
05. When Wock used to post what people typed to get to our site and half the time they were looking for porn. Imagine their
disappointment. Makes you feel good.
04. When Bill Madlock's son wrote us and told us that he had shown our song to his dad. That was incredible and frightening at the same time.
03. Receiving an email from one of my musical heroes, Aaron Day, regarding an album of the week that I had dedicated to his band Sone. He thanks us and wishes us well. I go back and read the review and it is pretty negative. I feel ashamed.
02. The countless contributions of our friends, from slang to doctored photos.
01. When I heard that C-Dog's younger brother Tanner and his friend used the phrase "clitorically speaking" in a speech at college. Nothing can ever top that. Ever.

Here's to 200 more updates,

Love, Biff.

Well said. So, as a special treat for you die hard fans, this is what I have cooked up. There have been numerous complaints over the years about what a hassle it is to sift through all the old content that we have racked up and done an admittedly poor job of archiving. So, here's the new alternative. It's not perfect either, but it's a step in the right direction.

The complete list of Slang Words of the Week can be found here, archived by title in the order they went up.

The complete list of Movies of the Week can be found here, in the same format.

Same thing with the Top Ten Lists, which can be viewed here.

I'll set up permanent links to these when I have a chance, but I haven't figured out where to put them on the site. A sweet internet tip: If you're searching for something specific, you should be able to hit Command-F (Apple-F for us Mac users) to bring up a search box in your browser. Try this on one of these pages if you're having trouble locating that funny word you want to tell your friends about.

Check out the Waste this week for a sweet 200 themed edition.

And get on the board.



Yiggy yo.

This is the 199th week with an official update for us (weekly waste, etc). That means next week is the big 200. Hopefully we'll have some semi-special stuff for the occasion. Make sure to check it out.

This Saturday: The Buttery Lords are playing with Vanilla Ice at Outlaw's on Burnside. I will be performing a song with them. Come if you can. I will be there hanging out for the duration. Hit me up if you're at all interested, there are cheap tickets to be had through a hook up with the BL's.

Have a good 4th of July.



Hey folks.

July 7, 2007: The Buttery Lords are playing a show with Vanilla Ice. I will be there, probably even on stage with them for a bit. So, that's surreal and weird and kind of fun all at the same time.

Thanks to biff and EA for helping out with the waste this week.

Keep checking in with us.


Sorry for the day delay, but that's the way it goes. Thanks to biff for the help with the weekly stuff. I needed it. I'm tired. It's been a long week already.

This coming Monday, the 25th of June, 2007:

I'm reading at Powell's. Well, kind of. Our good friend Mike Daily will be reading from his recently published novel Alarm, and I will be there reading with him in a performance piece sort of thing which I did the music for. Show up if you can, it gets going around 6:30 and is free.

Word 'em up.



Warm one today. I bought some new shorts for the summer, so I'm prepared. Even bought a new swimsuit, though I'll probably only use it twice. I'm not what most folks would call "outdoorsy." I'm getting better, though.

For some reason this site doesn't seem to refresh itself in some browsers, so make sure you refresh it yourself when checking for new content. If that makes sense. It's probably something on my end, but as we all know, it's amazing that I can even get this up at all.

Get on the board if you want to bitch about it.

I'm going to see Nick Swardson this weekend. And I will laugh.


Back on track this week. Feeling good, feeling healthy. Had a light lunch, etc.

Talked to biff today, he told me it's 104 in AZ. Yikes. Meanwhile, I was using my windshield wipers. Ours is a vast, vast country.

Enjoy the work I do. Get on the board.


Wow, I was a day late on the updates. Well, as usual, I blame society.

It's getting hot and I am a sweaty, sweaty man.

That's all I got. Get on the board.


Good times, good friends. That's the key to life, people. That and The Match Game.

Enjoy the weekly updates and get on the board!


Went to the Buttery Lords/Coolzey show on Friday and witnessed the aftermath of BP Fresh breaking his leg/ankle. Our thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery. Weird scene, man.

Sitting here listening to the new Elliott Smith 2xLp and it is absolutely fantastic. Heartbreaking and depressing, but that's to be expected.

It's heating up.


My rap debut song was "Ice Bait."

If anyone feels like seeing some music this Friday, Buttery Lords and Coolzey are playing at Berbati's. I am going. See you there if you are also going. It's going to be raptastic.

Bored? Board.



Oh doctor, it's all razzle dazzle.

Went and saw Hard N Phirm at the Doug Fir this past weekend. Got to meet Chris Hardwick, who is one of my favorite comedians and as it turns out, a really nice guy. So that was something. And they were hilarious.

Get on the board, you anti-social bastards.



You know how we do.

I went to night two of the 4th annual Jackpot Records Film Fest at the Hollywood Theater tonight and it was well worth the free admission. The first hour was old school hip hop videos, the second hour was a Stax Records showcase from 1965. Otis Redding tore the place apart. It doesn't get any better.

Get on the board.



What the dilly, what the dilly. The weather's getting nicer, baseball's starting up, things are happening.

Keep checking in with us for the any and the all, and get on the board!



Getting back into the swing of this damn thing. This week biff drops some movie knowledge on us, which is a load off my back. Enjoy the update and keep checking in with us for any and all information that may interest you.

Get on the board, chumps. We all need to waste time at work, right?


Yo, troops.

Hope you're all getting through this Anna Nicole situation ok. I'm trying to keep my head up. In more important news, I recieved an exclusive transmission from biff via AZ that included a new history of Sly Records for our about page. So don't hurt his feelings, check it out.


Think I failed to update last week, but what are you gonna do. Hope some of you are checking in every once in a while, even though things have obviously calmed down quite a bit.

Eric made it to Tucson safe and sound and seems to be settling in nicely.

My blog is fantastic. Read that shit.

Have a good week.



Well, we've hit a speed bump. biff has decided to move to AZ. He'll be leaving this Friday.

Needless to say, CAC is on hiatus until further notice. I'll still be keeping up the site, and I've got some other musical projects in the works that I'll keep you posted on.

And I'm always blogging.




Hey there folks. Not much to say, spent my weekend watching my newly installed digital cable. Good stuff.

Hope some of you are catching up with us.


Slowly but surely, we are back. I'm working on getting this bad boy running again and I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road, so bear with me.

As of today, I've got some of the new pages up and some links to some other stuff that you might want to check out. The weekly waste is back, and that should appease the few of you who read it. I also added a new category, "Cancel One Career," which should be pretty self-explanatory. It's going to be kind of a scroller now instead of a bunch of separate pages so it should be less work for all of us. Also, I started a new blog called Blogenfuss that you can check out if you get even more bored than you already are. It may have some interesting stuff on it, probably not.

And, get on the new boards and let us know you're back in touch.

The artist pages aren't up yet but that'll be next. You can also get to the old site from the link on the left if you feel like revisiting some old memories or the old archives which will remain there. This new site is going to be pretty straight ahead, hoping to keep it pretty simple so it's less work for me. As you all know, I'm a lazy, lazy man.

Hit me up if you have any suggestions or if you just want to say hi. I recently moved and have a nice new computer so things are on the up and up as far as the site goes. I think.

Hope you're all well.