Gome of the Week
Mt. St. Helens:

Please don't hurt me.






This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
Am I Annoying? - Probably.


This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
The Wizard (1989)

what? you've seen this? probably not lately.

kevin arnold and that poor man's jack Nicholson from "heathers" light up the screen in this long-running commercial for Nintendo and universal studios florida, the former which definitely worked on me.

the redhead girl, jenny lewis, who I'll admit I was in love with as a child, now is the semi-successful indie rock band rilo kiley. the wizard himself, jimmy, apparently recently played high school guy in "american pie 2." kevin Arnold played "a junkie named marc" in "rules of attraction."

and christian slater i think does dinner theatre. i kid.

of course this served as the premiere of super mario bros. 3, a monumental moment in my and many other children's lives.

"I love the power glove. it's so bad."

love biff.



This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
Maritime - Glass Floor (2004)

My wussy emo dreams have finally come true. Following the break-ups of two of my favorite pop bands, The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan, some of the key members from each group got together and put out their own record.

And on top of that, it doesn't suck. In fact, it's quite good.

Bring on the sensitivity!







This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
trude - True but rude.

Origin - props to Lara and Sara from Calgary.

Usage - "Dude, that yahtzee I was with last night was a fit little scheunter."

"Nice dude. Did you take her out for some Bell Biv De Taco?"

"Dude, clitorically speaking, she didn't need it. She was already rocking some soccer legs."

"Dude, that's straight trude."



This Week's Top Ten List
The Top Ten Signs You Love Your TV:

10. Find yourself gazing longingly at the "AV IN" jacks
09. When it asks "Are you paying too much for cable?" you yell "Hell no, motherfucker!"
08. When you hit the "power" button, you slip in a little flick and a tweak
07. You shrink wrap it so you can shower with it
06. You're convinced that Betty White is your "Mommy"
05. The CBS Eye logo is starting to look way too penetrable
04. When pushing the buttons on your remote, you stare at the screen and mutter "Oh yeah, you like that don't you?"
03. Your TV's name? Stuey the Viewy
02. Flat screen? No way. You need something with some curves
01. Upon coming back from the movies, explain to your set: "I don't care what anyone says, size does not matter"