Gome of the Week
The Oregonian is still not running The Boondocks. Well, at least we have Hi & Lois.



This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
Drunk Poems - Done by some dudes who like to par-tay. And..... not that funny.



This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
Mr. Accident (2000)

one of my deep dark secrets is that i love yahoo serious.

this is his third movie in like 15 years and it does not disappoint.

he's an accident prone guy who works in an egg factory. hilarity ensues.

this movie is so awesome.

so very awesome.

love biff.







This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
Buck 65 - Talkin' Honky Blues (2003)

Other than the ultra-lame title of this album, it's pretty darn good. Buck opts not to bite the normal white guy rap style, and almost manages to concoct his own in the process.

Worth checking out, but the verdict is not completely in yet for me.







This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
slipping one past the goalie - Getting a woman pregnant.

Origin - Seinfeld.

Usage - "Dude, that yahtzee I was with last night tried to give me the Heisman and force me into a one way."

"Dude, no good."

"No, it's trump tight. We got more fucked up than Peter O'Toole on his birthday and pretty soon she was box out dealin'."

"Dude, nice."

"Hopefully. I may have slipped one past the goalie."



This Week's Top Ten List
The Top Ten Things I Can See From My Window Right Now:

10. A large woman with a TV remote in her hand talking to 3 cats
09. A small car with "T-Ball was here" scrawled in the dirt on it
08. A couch and a bookshelf on the sidewalk. I would take them if I had room in my apt.
07. Pretty, fluffy clouds
06. My old Jetta. It's been parked on the street for like a year.
05. A shirtless young guy shaking his pipe out on his side porch
04. A dumpster, primed and ready for diving
03. A wreath on the front of the house across from me. Have I been asleep for that long?
02. Now the shirtless guy is picking up random objects from his side yard. Possibly poo.
01. The reflection of the TV behind me. The sweet, sweet TV.