Gome of the Week
Bob Whitsitt:

He's out, baby. As much as I don't care about the Blazers, I love to see him go. Time to regroup and bring some real b-ball back to P-town.

Let's do this.





This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
Miss Elizabeth - She's gone, but not forgotten.


This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
The Italian Stallion (1970)

behold, "the italian stallion". originally titled "party at kitty and studs", this little gem features stallone before he was rocky. instead, heÕs some guy named stud who dances around with a flaccid penis flopping all about. sure itÕs porn, but itÕs not. you know, no penetration.

it is truly one of the hardest movies to sit through that i have ever seen. all of the dialogue is dubbed in and it looks like it was shot over a weekend on a super 8. it probably was. the pride of my collection. note the pristine british import clamshell case. arenÕt you jealous?

love, biff.







This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
Mac Dawg - This One's for the Rottweillers (2001)

macdawg is brilliant.

this guy freestyles in a really bad but good way over some really bad but good music. he covers topics ranging from the downfall of danzig to his roommates stealing his spoons and knives for drug use to shoplifting from safeway. the song "super angst" is about how his girlfriend listens to too much alternative music. genius.

the true gem here is "medal medallion", where macdawg plays the piano and sings such classic lines as "last time I ever saw you i was kickin it in the back of a red robin parking lot". best song ever.

love, biff.




This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
the friend in town job quit - It's what you do when your friends from out of town are in town and you don't want to get up the next morning and deal with reality.

Origin - Latrice.

Usage - "Dude, you've had a lot of whiskey tonight. I know that our tight bros are in town, but keep it together. You're going to wake up tomorrow for work and want to eat the hot lead supper."

"It's cool dude. I'm pulling the friend in town job quit."

"Nice, dude."



This Week's Top Ten List
The Top Ten Things I Love About My Cat Lunchbox (Amy):

10. The way she stands on my head in the morning
09. Her first love: food
08. Her striking resemblance to a sewing table
07. The fact that she weighs more than most small children
06. She sleeps almost as much as I do
05. Her second love: cheese
04. Too fat to clean herself, so I have to do it
03. She'll watch porn with me
02. The subtle way she'll walk all over my valuable records
01. She waits to poop until I come home at night, just so I can smell it