Gome of the Week
No one can really deny at this point that Barry Bonds is a great baseball player. I'll give him that.

But, those stirrup stretch pants numbers that he wears remind me of the ones the chicks I dated in the 8th grade wore.

And stop being such a pompous ass, dickwad.








This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
My Miserable Life - Guaranteed to make you feel better about yours. Sorry for any porn links on there.


This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
The Night Before (1988)

A look into the early and brilliant work of Keanu Reeves and Lori Laughlin.

This film is touted as "A scorching hot comedy in the style of 'After Hours.'"

I don't know what that means and I never really got around to watching this movie, but I will say this: Lori Laughlin's work in Full House is surpassed only by her work in Rad.

If that helps any.

Can you say late 80's HBO video?






This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
My People - 4 Track Shit (2002)

Just hyping our friends as usual. Our pal Eric Pfau (formerly of Rick Bain and the Genius Position) handed this off to me recently and it's pretty damn good. They're all his songs and they're full of acoustic goodness. Just found out that ONUG's going to be playing on the new shit that they're doing.

CAC's trying to set up a show with these guys so be on the lookout.






This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
the cool guy two ring - You aren't a true cool guy unless you let the phone ring twice before you pick it up, even if you're really close to it.

Origin - I don't know, we said it when I lived down south in hippie town.

Usage - "Dude, the phone's ringing and you're holding the cordless in your hand."

"Dude, chill. I'm giving it the old cool guy two ring."

"Nice work, dude."



This Week's Top Ten List
Brad's Top Ten Reasons for Not Updating the Site On Time:

10. There was an episode of Conan on that I'd only seen twice.
09. Kinda hard when I crack my first beer at noon.
08. My nasal passages are so clogged I haven't tasted food in days.
07. G4, the new channel where you watch people playing video games.
06. Preoccupied with release date confusion surrounding new Big Daddy Kane album.
05. Somedays I just don't feel funny enough to face the internet.
04. Can't someone else do it?
03. Too busy laughing at obscure Simpsons references (see #4).
02. Hosting 'roke takes a lot out of me.
01. Sleeping is so much easier.