Gome of the Week
Reality TV is such an obvious target, but as you all know, we here at Sly Records watch a lot of TV. I don't watch TV to give a shit about people I don't know. I watch TV to make fun of it, and these shows make it way too easy on me.

If I want to clown everday people, I've got my life.

Next week: I rip on shows with puppets!




This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
Randompiggybacks - Some girls from the UK or somewhere over there who have a pretty good sense of random humor. Wild stuff.



This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
Ed and His Dead Mother (1993)

Finally, Ned Beatty and Steve Buscemi in a black comedy together.

Actually, this is a pretty funny little film, or at least funnier than the packaging makes it look. Ed loves his mother, Ed's mother is dead, some dude brings Ed's mother back, Ed's mother likes to sleep in the fridge and eat dogs. So yeah, your basic romantic comedy, but then what?

"A family reunion with some minor complications" or "The comedy that proves life after death is no laughing matter."

Coen brothers, eat your heart out.







This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
Young Ginns - Young Ginns (1998)

This is actually music that was recorded in the early nineties and released other places but eventually made its way to this compilation which is definitive.

It's Justin from Unwound's early side project and if you really like him and wonder what he would sound like playing math rock while he was young and drunk, you should really give this a listen.







This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
The snowboarding of ______ - A new way to deem something

Origin - I don't know. ONUG and I have been saying it a lot lately and it just hasn't become old yet, although I will beat it into the ground soon.

Usage - "Dude, these new 3-D Doritos are crazy mad extreme! I wanna like throw 'em up in the air and jump around and shit while I inhale 'em!"

"Dude, I know. They're the snowboarding of eating!"

"Fasten up dude, I just cracked a diet Dew!"

"Dude, Holy Fuck!"



This Week's Top Ten List
Brad's Top Ten Reasons Why There Hasn't Been an Installment of
"Disturbing Memories" in Almost 6 Months:

10. Nick at Nite now shows Family Ties like 4 times a day.
09. Found old bathtub in basement of new place, really had no choice but to start manufacturing crank.
08. Mallrats every day for the last six months: still as good as the very first time.
07. 4 words: free amateur internet porn.
06. Listened to Pinkerton by Weezer, became delicate genius, now in the phase where I don't do anything for two years.
05. Sixer of Olympia tall boys at the market down the street: 2.99 + dep.
04. Went and saw David Cross the other night and it was really fucking funny.
03. Had to get second job to pay for my cat's liposuction.
02. There's still a couple of episodes of the Osbournes that I've only seen like 7 times.
01. Stalking the chick from Witchblade is a full time job.