Gome of the Week
I love SNL and have never understood why Father Guido Sarducci is supposed to be funny.

A smoking priest!

Who cares!








This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
Pets or Food - I want to think that this is a joke but I can't tell. You be the judge.


This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
Michael Bolton's Winning Softball (1993)

I say holy crap pretty much every week on this page, but holy crap. Yes, it's the Michael Bolton instructional softball video.

In this action packed 55 minutes, Michael teaches us very little about softball but we learn a lot about why he thinks he is the fucking coolest guy ever. I mean, he hits a homer!

Check out the metal plate on his hat and the sweet ponytail poking out. This video also includes footage of Michael singing the American national anthem at a baseball game in Canada and awkward footage of Rob Schneider, Victoria Jackson, and Michael Jordan.

Funniest movie ever.








This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
So Sadly Fucked - So Sadly Fucked (2001)

Baby Powder Fresh from the Buttery Lords plugs in his guitar and turns it up.

Kind of poppy, kind of rocking. Most unpractical cover of all time. No track listing on the outside, pretty bad photo on the front and the title on the spine is upside down. Other than that, no complaints. And leave it to us to nit pick every single thing, because that's the kind of guys that we are.

Support local music. Goddamn, where's my tour van?




This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
The Ice Cube Face - You've seen it. He gets his face all scrunched up and looks real mean.

Origin - Compton.

Usage - "Dude, the Lakers really brought their 'a-game' today. Shaq must have treated himself to a a 'Shaq Pack' before the game."

"Dude, I know. It's intense. He's got the Ice Cube face on."

"Dude, sweet."



This Week's Top Ten List
(Once Again) The Top Ten Things People Typed Into Google This Week That Made Them End Up Coming to Our Site:

10. "When the Rain Begins to Fall Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora"
09. "Ceppie Mayes"
08. "All my days rising to the top god gangsta"
07. "Screen Seaver Porno"
06. "Kent Tekulve Pictures"
05. "Midget Porn Movie"
04. "Fleshy Fun Bridge"
03. "Tanya Bingenheimer"
02. "Julie Brown cleavage"
01. "Hangover cures for meth"