Gome of the Week
Me, just for being a jackass. CAC had an interview with the Portland State University newspaper today and I just went ahead and slept through it and eventually showed up about an hour late and made the poor reporter waste a bunch of her goddamned time.

I'm not a rock star, but I like to pretend. Bear with me, folks.







This Week's Link That's Probably Not That Great
Y2Khai - Pretty bizarre stuff. He's "One loc'd out Asian." Check it out.


This Week's Movie You've Probably Never Seen
The One Armed Executioner (1983)

Holy crap, it's the One Armed Executioner. For only having one arm, this guy can really kick some ass.

A very unoriginal plot and lots of sweet outfits.

From the back: "Revenge is sweet..... His wife brutally murdered before his eyes- His arm chopped off as a warning- His job, his pride, his confidence gone... A young Interpol agent's rage for life has but one meaning: REVENGE, REVENGE AND REVENGE."

Dude, weak.







This Week's Record You're Probably Not Listening To
2nu - This is Ponderous (1990)

I don't think I remember this song being out, but I've been listening to it lately and it is pretty damn sweet.

It was recorded in Seattle so we think they might be from around here

White Mystery had the cassette single in grade school and he's pretty proud of it.






This Week's Hip New Slang Word or Phrase
Super No Friendo - Slang for playing video games instead of being social.

Origin - The girl who's writing the CAC article for the PSU paper.

Usage - "Dude, this party is tight."

"Dude, I know. Check out those losers playing Super No-friendo."

"Dude, that is untight."



This Week's Top Ten List
eric b's top ten favorite band names:

10. baby scott bakula
09. 6 foot 1 inch dog (rapper)
08. the child molesters
07. john cougar concentration camp
06. sweep the leg johnny
05. the tards
04. the fucking champs
03. the fuckers
02. fuck
01. corey feldman and the truth movement