CAC is making their triumphant return to the Ash St. on July 6th, a week from today. More info below. I think we're playing in the middle, so get there around 9:30. And I the cover's five bones. And I'm looking forward to it.

See you there.




Holy crap it's hot. That being said, how should you kick off the summer you ask? Well how about with a Sly Records rock show? Monday, June 5th, come watch us sweat at the Ash St., one of our favorite downtown Portland venues. Here's the lineup:

Dramady- my roommate's side project, a two piece that sounds like a three piece.

Leigh Marble- Our good friend Dr. Marble(from the Buttery Lords) puts on his acoustic guitar and brings it like it ought to be broughten.

the dearling darlings- eric b and a couple of Widget kids buy beer for their high school drummer and then drink it with him.

Ironic T-Shirt- BTB, Lattice, Talik, and Sharif Delmonte perspire pure nicotine.

In that order. It's 21 and over and it's 3 bucks. I can hear your excuse: it's a Monday, and I have to work the next day. Well, that's not my problem. Show up and support.

Also worth mentioning: The triumphant return of CAC! That's right, we've pulled it together and scheduled a show. It will also be at the Ash St., but this one will be on Thursday, July 6th, right in the middle of the holiday week. Eh, snakes on a plane, right? Anway, it'll probably be more like 5 bucks, I'll know for sure when the time comes. We're playing with Awesome Cool Dudes(who some of you might remember from a few years back when we played with them) and Hello Lobster, a band from Portland who I know nothing about. I think it might be one of the guys from The Punk Group. So, mark it on your calender and make sure to tell your friends. I hope to see a lot of you there.

Another thing on the mention list: I(BTB) am having a party at my house in Portland on July 8th, with some live music and who knows what else, and all you Sly supporters are invited. Also on this day, I am issuing the first official(although I've been drunkenly doing it for years) "Johnny Wockenfuss HORSE Challenge." If you think you can beat me in a game of HORSE, we'll grab my Spalding indoor/outdoor, take it down to the local grade school, and see about it. Then we'll just call you "quits." The stakes are bragging rights and a 40. So bring it on, suckers.

Email me if you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, or if you want to come to the party and need directions on how to get to the crib.

If you haven't added us on myspace, use the links above to do that, and hopefully we'll see you all this summer!

B to the T to the B and that's me.



Hope all is well with everyone. Keep checking back or get to us on myspace.



Yiggy yeah. Make sure to mark your calender for the upcoming Ironic T-Shirt show at the Ash St. on April 4th. It's a tuesday and it's free so try and make it out to support.

And, make sure to check out the links below if you haven't already. Let's spread the word.

Write to me here if you are not on our mailing list and would like to be. I'll keep you abreast of shows and news and other things to waste your time with.





What is up folks. Yes I know, the site hasn't been updated in a long time. I'm sorry, blah blah blah. The good news is, CAC has been recording new tracks for the follow up record to our record that has yet to be released. We're working on getting that one into your hot little hands as well. So, bear with us as usual, I swear there will be new music at some point.

Until then, here are some things I would love for you to check out:

CAC has a myspace page that I just put up. Check out some new tracks there and add us as your friend. And forward the page to anyone and everyone. It's at myspace.com/biffandjohnny.

Also, my new rock band Ironic T-Shirt has a myspace page as well: myspace.com/ironictshirt.

And if you care, my page is myspace.com/bradbush.

So check those out. Oh, and I have a blog I don't update very often at conkidconyou.blogspot.com.

Hit me up on the web and I'll let you know when we have shows coming up!




Hello again! Hope to see you all on Friday. Here are the final details of my darkest day: Friday the 13th of January, yours truly, the BTB, will be celebrating his 30th birthday. The good news: you're all invited!

So, first off, the party is taking place at the Towne Lounge, which is located at 714 SW 20th pl in pdx. It's a bit hard to find so you may want to mapquest it. The show is going to start at 9:30 sharp, so get there early, there's a lot of music to run through. Here's the band line up, in order:

Ironic T-Shirt- my new rock project w/ "Smokin'" Joe Talik and Rich "Lattice" Reece.

The Dearling Darlings - biff's rock project with Nick and Beckie (formerly of the Widgets) and a hot new drummer.

CAC - you know who we are dammit!

Ape Shape - a big fat reggae rock band featuring Ralf(Built to Spill, The Feelings, Halo Benders) and Tommy Chong's son on drums!

Six Foot Sloth - My roomie's band who will close it out with some unbridled rock and/or roll.

Oh, and it's 21 and over and the cover should be around 3 bucks.

So be there. Write to me if you have any questions.




Holy crap I got my computer working again. Just in time for the holidays! So, here's the deal: I moved, upgraded my web software, and somehow things got lost in the mix. But I'm back now and stronger than ever. Well, that's not true, but I'm here.

On Friday, January 13th, 2006, yours truly, the BTB, turns 30. It's true. So, we're throwing a big party at the Town Lounge off West Burnside in Portland. Scheduled to appear are The Ironic T-Shirts(BTB's rock band debut), The Dearling Darlings(eroc's rock project), Six Foot Sloth(my roommate's band), Ape Shape(featuring Ralf from the Feelings/Built to Spill and Sara from Unwound), and most likely a special appearance from CAC. Put it on your calenders. I only turn 30 once, and on Friday the 13th no less!

Write to me and tell me you still love me.

B to the T to the B



By now, you all hate me for the lack of updates, and I don't blame you. I'm starting to feel pretty guilty and inspired at this point, so maybe something will be up soon. No promises. But please check back.

But, CAC does have a show coming up on August 15th, so check the front page for those details.

Write to me if you 're not on the mailing list.

Sorry again, sorry again.




If anyone knows where to get a cheap external firewire hard drive for an imac, let me know. Until then, no updates. My computer is full of crap. Anyway, next CAC show is with Pete Miser on June 18th! Be there, yo.

As always, feel free to write to me if you got something to say.




Sorry about the lack of updates, my computer is a mofo. Come see the shows this next weekend!




Yo- So here's the deal. CAC has two shows coming up and they're both on the same day. Which means on Friday May 20th we will do the unheard of and play one show in Salem with the Aggravates, The Dearling Darlings, and the Widgets, then drive to Portland and play the Ash St. later that night with the Buttery Lords and Phorx. More details when we get 'em.

This Saturday: The Dearling Darlings(eroc's new band) and Black Black Black(from Salem) at The Governor's Cup in Salem at 9. It's the Dearling Darling's first show ever, not to be missed. All ages as well.

My computer is being fishy so I will get to the updates when I get it straightened out.

Write to me and tell me something .

brad b



Howdy ho... Not much new to say, but just know that stuff is happening. The new CAC album has been mailed off and now we wait. Read the stuff below.



Well, so much for me being on time with this damn thing. Sorry to the few of you who actually check this.

Anyway/how/who- Here's some news:

The New CAC record is done. My God, it's actually done. We mailed it off to the new record label this week, so it should be in your grubby paws in a matter of months. The tentative title for the record is In Search of Ace Ebb, although that's not final yet. But it probably will be. So, I can finally say that it's done and you need to prepare yourself for the unstoppable promotional assault that we are about to unleash. Well, probably not, but who knows...

And, CAC has TWO shows coming up, and they're both in the same weekend. The aforementioned May 13th show with the Butterys at the Ash St. has been moved to May 20th, the following weekend. The day after that, the 21st of May, we are playing a show in Salem at an all-ages place that I can't remember the name of. I'll ask biff and post it up here. It's going to be a great show. First off, it's the Widgets final show ever. They are breaking up and this will be their last hurrah. Also on the bill, biff's new band, The Dearling Darlings, and David from the Widgets new band, who I think are called The Agitates. So it's going to be an incestuous mess of music. Once again, that show is ALL AGES.

I think that's it.

Write me here if you're looking for cyber romance.

b to the t to the b



My God I think I'm actually on time this week. What the hey. Anyway, I got nothing to say, check out the stuff below.




One of these weeks I'll do the updates on time. Anyway, I'm working on 'em right now.

Things are happening! CAC should be sending their new record out to Boston this week for post-production(cover, liner notes, etc.). That should mean that the record is not that far off. I got a first look at some of our new logo/t-shirt designs and they are awesome.

If you haven't checked out the new record label yet do it here.

Also- CAC and the Buttery Lords, together again- May 13th at the Ash St. with special guests to be named later.

Hope you all have a good week.

Drop me a line if you want to get on the mailing list or if you need advice on your shitty love life.




Thanks to all of you hardcores who came out to the Tonic this last week, we had a blast. We'll let you know when our next show is, seems we don't have anything lined up as of right now.

Happy 30th birthday to ONUG!

Sorry for being a little late on the updates, you know my excuses, so I won't recite 'em again.




Thanks to everyone who came to the Ash St. show!

Hope to see you all next Saturday at the Tonic.....CAC and the Butterys back together again!




Come see us at the Ash St. this week! And don't forget about the show on the 5th of March with the good ol' Buttery Lords, it's gonna be a party. Tell your friends, and if you want to get back on my mailing list and you haven't done it yet, email me and tell me.





Howdy do everybody-

Hope to see all of you at the show on the 23rd, it should be really fun.

Here's a link to our new record label/production company/those guys on the east coast we're working with. Right here.

Shit's gonna blow up soon. Hopefully. This all takes a really long time doesn't it?

Thanks for checking in and don't let your pants sag too low.

I gotta get back to playing Simpsons Hit and Run on the Gamecube.




Here are the shows that are coming up:

Wednesday, February 23rd, we are going to be at the Ash St. Saloon w/ The Mole and a group of other bands who are on a tour. You can check out details at Motion Recordings as to who those other bands are. Please come and support!

The other one is on Saturday, March 5th at the Tonic Lounge with our good friends the Buttery Lords and special guests Dirty and the Donuts.

Be there or be square.

Think I'm all caught up on the updates finally.

Please write to me if you are not on my new mailing list(I lost the old one a month ago!). Or hit me up if you have anything else good to tell me.

Thanks for looking.



What is up yous guys. Thanks to the gang of loyal supporters that came out to see us and the Gringo at the Tribe Theater this last Saturday. We had a good time(considering the venue) and are looking forward to playing more shows.

We have two shows confirmed that are coming up:

Wednesday, February 23rd at the Ash St. and Saturday, March 5th at the Tonic. More details tomorrow.

B to the T to the B.



Hey, the first batch of updates should be up on the weekly page, Almost completely up to speed...

Happy birthday to Latrice! See you all tomorrow.

This makes me happy.



All the big stuff is below, but here's something else- The show is still in the same building, but the address is now 510 NW Glisan. But, the old address will still be up, so it shouldn't be a problem. Here's another flyer.

Read all the other info down below from yesterday...(I'm working on the updates but they're not done yet). Write me with slang ideas....I'm out.



Oh my God where have I been?

You have no idea.

Actually it's not that exciting. But, here's what's been going on in the past few months, or five weeks, or however long it's been since I updated this ridiculous thing that a few of you still read.

biff got married! That's right ladies, he's off the market. Congrats go out to Mr. and Mrs. Bush on their union. Some of you were at the proceedings and can back up my claims that fun was had by all. Even Matt Fargo was in the house(and in the ceremony)! There's a photo page on the net somewhere, and with biff's permission, I will post a link soon.

I got moved! That was part of the delay. In the typical fashion of my forlorn love life, I had to relocate the ol' desk-with-mac-on-top to a smaller, more all-by-myself sort of abode. It had been a few years, I guess I was due. So it goes. That's right ladies, I'm on the market. The line starts to the left. Just goes to show that biff and I are, and always have been, polar opposites. How we make such beautiful music together, I will never know....

Speaking of which, how about the doggone CAC? Well, our album that is always being delayed is still being delayed because we just can't get it to sound right. I swear though, it's done. And, our new label in Boston is ready to put it out as soon as we are. Then comes the world tour. Hopefully before I have arthritis.

But, there is a CAC show this weekend, on Saturday the 29th. It's at the Tribe theater, which is downtown(kinda by the Boiler Room) at 403 NW 5th Ave. It's all ages, or so I've been told. Get there at 9 or 10 and bring 5 bucks. We've got some other shows that are starting to be lined up(looks like we're going to play at the Tonic with the Butterys again) so keep checking back.

Oh, and here's something: When I updated the OS on my computer, I lost my slyrecords.com email list. So, if you want to receive email from me about shows etc. please email me at brad@slyrecords.com and put "mailing list" in the subject or something like that to let me know you want to be on the new improved list. Tell your friends to do the same thing. Or, mail me their addresses if you think they wouldn't care. Word.

What else? I don't know. I'm going to start on the many updates I have to catch up on. If they're not up when you read this, check back. I'm working on them. Sorry this all took so long. I often forget that you guys actually read this. All three of you.

And get on the board, people! It's so boring over there.

Come see us on Saturday...




Hey. CAC is going into the mastering studio next week to get to work (that's right)on the post production of our still untitled next record. It's actually going to come out. I can't believe it. Special times......



Oh my good golly. Hey folks, the new CAC record is in the can. Now all we gotta do is the post recording stuff that always takes a while. But, the hard part is over. Keep checking back here for all the news and updates....



Sweet sweet sweetness. CAC's been back in the studio, not that anyone's even keeping score anymore. I swear we got something brewing....




Oh, the goodness. Sorry for the late updates, I was without internet for a while. That's all fixed now. Hope you all are well.





Happy Halloween week, everyone. Me and Oatmeal are gonna do a Big Lebowski sort of thing. It's gonna be dope.

Drop us a line if you aren't on the mailing list or if you have anything else to say.




Yo gang. Hope you all had a good week this last time around. Good baseball. It's about time. I pulled the TV sitcom move of getting loaded at my company party and being an ass. Special memories.

I'm at home watching Letterman in the comfort of my basement right now and still in awe that anyone would watch Leno under really any circumstances. Anyway, that's a whole 'nother ball of wax.

Hope you like the weekly stuff and make sure to go to emptynoggin.com and check out that new CAC video if you haven't already. It's an asskicker.





What a damn fun show we had on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and whooped it up with us.

Pleeeease check out this video from the show for our new song "Dizz Hicks." It kicks ass.

Thanks to Trip Ross and Empty Noggin for putting it together.

Pictures soon......

B to the T to the B



Hey everybody. Welcome to week 150 of slyrecords.com. 142,000 hits and counting(not to brag). Anyway, don't forget to come to our show this Saturday, it should be off the heezee, as the kids like to say. It's going to be biff's post-birthday hoo-haw and we're set to do it up CAC-Buttery style.

CAC's been hitting the studio like crazy. We swear, this record will come out at some point. The pic on the left at least proves we're all still alive. Thanks to Daily for taking it. I had something else to say, but now I can't remember.

Write to us if you got something to say.

I think I'm out.



So, the show that we had announced for the 29th is off. Scrap that idea. But, come to the one this next Saturday, October 9th. It's biff's birthday celebration and we're going to do it up, Tonic style. Be there.

CAC has been in the studio this week and cranking out the tunes. For real.

Write to us and let us know what's up.




CAC and Buttery Lords at the Tonic on October 9th, which is a Saturday. This will be a biff pocaroba birthday celebration.

And yeah, we're still recording(getting closer!). We're the slowest band ever.

Also, big up to BAM and C- Dog, me and biff are thinking 'bout you boys.

Please write to us if you have any questions and get on the board!

Oh, and there's two updates this week so check this one and the late last one.

I'm feeling it...... btb


Thanks for checking in. Don't forget to mark October 9th on your calender, 'cos we're rocking it with the Butterys. More details below. Maybe another show coming soon too......

Get on the board!



Whoah, we've been away for a little while. Sorry for the delay. It was once again time for me to move the slyrecords.com headquarters so I was moving and slacking all at the same time. Anyway, there's a couple weeks worth of weekly updates to make up for it and a show to announce:

Finally..... The return of CAC and the Buttery Lords

That's right, just in time for summer to be over, we've got a CAC/ Buttery show to announce.

Anyway, it's going to be on Saturday, October 9th at the Tonic Lounge. Mark your calender, more details when they are available.

Thanks for checking in.



They should call me perma-sweat guy. Whattaya mean I can't take off my sweater? It's hot!

Anyway, we may have a show coming up so keep with us.

And, if you live in P-Town, pick up a Mercury this week because my ugly mug did half of the employee picks.




The show was a blast, thanks to all who showed up and supported. We had a great time as always. Hopefully we can hook up another one before the end of the summer. Sorry we went on so late and thanks for sticking around.

I apologize for the ego-driven cover this week, but I had to put it up. Much props to the 2Beers for mailing me the photo.

Keep posting on the board and please write to us if you want to chat or if you have any slang that's not too racy or disgusting. Or if I keep forgetting to put you on our mailing list. Which I know I've done to a few of you. I'm just such a busy guy.

Keep checking back. We've got more news to come.

btb and eroc.



Dagnabbit, it's still hot as all get out. Come to the show on Sunday, come to the show on Sunday, you know you want to.



Oh daddy o. Apologies as always for the lateness of the update. Hope to see you all at the show on Sunday!




Hey, welcome back everybody. You wanted a show, and now you got one.

CAC w/ Awesome Cool Dudes and Listless as if Functional on August 1st, which is a Sunday. The show is at the Ash St. Saloon in downtown Portland. It's 21 and over and there will most likely be a small cover charge.

We hope to see all of you there.

Write us if you want to be on the email list or if you got something else to say.

And keep posting on the board.





Yes. Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. biff and I went up north, set off some sweet fireworks, and had a damn fine time. Enjoy the updates.




Hey, happy 4th of July all of y'all. Hope you have a good weekend celebrating our country by blowing it up and littering all over it. I know I will.




Oh, another exciting week. Enjoy the updates and keep posting on the board. We love to reply.




Hey gang. CAC was in the studio this last weekend and we had a blast. The new group song that we're working on is coming along great. I'll try and post some pictures soon.

Just went and saw the new Bukowski documentary yesterday and it was great. Just saying that because I got nothing else.

This hot weather will be the death of me.

Johnny Wock.



Holy crap, I updated on time this week.

Sitting here watching "Match Game PM" on the game show network(which I'm addicted to) and realizing that Richard Dawson (circa 1976) is one of the smoothest guys ever. Just thought I'd put that out there because I don't have much else to say.

I know I keep saying there's going to be a CAC show soon, and I assure you that we're working on it. Can't wait for a good time summer show so we can all get together.

Make sure to hit up the board and chat it up.

B to the T to the B



Hey there. Welcome to our 133rd week of updating this bad boy. Thanks to biff for the weekly stuff this time around.

Happy early birthday to Oatmeal(June 8th).

Hope yr all well. Write to us if you want to complain about anything.




Oh doctor. I can't believe it's almost June. Another double update this week(sorry) so check it all out. CAC's going hardcore into the studio in the next few weeks so hopefully we can give ya some news soon.

The old front pages are still here.

Till next time.




What up locos. Kind of a double update this week so check it all out. Hope you all are doing well, not much to say here, but keep checking back for all the straight dirt on what's up.

The old front pages can be found here.

Write to us if you have any questions.




Yes yes yes. Just found out that DV8 turned into a strip club, so don't plan on seeing any CAC action there soon. But, the word is that Satyricon might be opening back up. Keep the fingers crossed..



Oh, it's all good times. Not much to say this week. CAC has some things happening, we've been getting together and pondering the new record. Hopefully not too far away.....




Oh dear, it's almost tax day. What a celebration. The updates have been a little late, so there's a double dose for last week and this week. Check it out.

Saw a CAC CD in a dollar bin at a record store this week. We've finally made it. It's quite a feeling.

Thanks for checking in, and have a good week. See you on the board.




Yo, sorry for the late update. Once again, connection problems, blah blah blah. Good to see some of you on the board again. Have a good week.




Hi there. Hope everyone is having a good goshdarned week. Not much new this time around.

Check out a couple new pics on the CAC pics page, they're truly exciting beyond belief.

Oh, and get on the board!




Yes Yes. Hope everyone saw biff in the PSU paper. Probably not, so go to the board and check out the link to the story and pics.

Also, happy birthday to Justin from Soylent Gringo today(10th) and to Clarissa and ONUG tomorrow(11th) and to MJB on the 14th. March is a big bday month. Hope everyone has a good one.

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon.




Yo gang. Thanks to all who came out the show last week, we had a great time. Check back here to stay up to date on any upcoming shows that we may have. The wheels are in motion on a couple fronts there and we will let you know when anything is solidified. Hope you all have a good week.




Hope to see you all at the show tomorrow night, it should be a good one. Last show at the Viscount for a long while, or so I have been told.

Looking forward to it.




Thanks for checking in. Hope you all are having a good week. Not much to say this week, same old same old. Peep the weekly updates and keep posting on the board.



Alright. The show previously mentioned that was supposed to go down at the Meow Meow is not going to happen. Scheduling conflicts and whatnot. Too bad. However, the show at the Viscount on the 26th is still on. Check below for details or go to the shows page. Also, if you have yet to check out the Bill Madlock video go to the audio page, new pics up on the pics page, and the old front pages are here.

Thanks for checking in.




Hey hey. Hope you all enjoyed your groundhogs day. I know I did. Sitting here updating the site before I skate downtown to catch mcenroe and Pip Skid tear it up at the Cobalt. Anyway....

Another CAC show has been scheduled. Looks like we will be playing with the Widgets at the Meow Meow on Saturday, March 13th. It will be ALL AGES. More details as they arise.

Also, there are some new CAC photos on the pics page. In addition, you can now download the video for Bill Madlock here or it is up on the CAC audio page and will stay there.

And, if you want to check out the old front pages, you can find them here.

Thanks for checking in.

Check the updates and write to us if you got something to say.




Yo gang. How can it already almost be February? Time flies too fast for me I guess. Part of the downfall of turning into an old man.

Next CAC show: Thursday, February 26 at the Viscount Ballroom with the Widgets and Soylent Gringo, who will be playing a special acoustic type set. 21 and over and the cover should be around 3 bucks. If you missed us there last time, you should come check it out. Great room to play in, and the stage area is non smoking for extra comfortability.

More details as they become available. Thanks for checking in and check out the weekly page for some updates and get on the board for some intimate conversation.




Been having connection problems for a while, sorry for the delay. All the updates for the last two weeks should be up on the weekly page.

Thanks to the folks who came to the Viscount show on the 8th, we had a damn fine time.

More shows coming soon....




Oh, it feels great to be another year older. CAC @ the Viscount tonight, hope to see you there.




The updates are up. Sorry for the delay, this week has been chaos. Hope to see you all on Thursday the 15th.




the updates are coming soon, I got stranded with my friends last night and now I have to work.

CAC/Soylent Gringo show has been rescheduled for this next Thursday the 15th. Same time and place.




Yeah, the show is off. Too much of a drive for CAC and too much of a drive for you guys. Hope you understand. More updates later.




Holy crimeny. It is the last day of the year. Hope you all had a good one. We took this last week off for the holidays and now we are back and in full effect. Wishing you all a happy new year and hoping that you can show up at our next show at the Viscount on January 8th. Soylent Gringo will be there and so will some DJs.

Another year gone by.....




Thanks to everyone who came to the CAC show this last Thursday. We had a blast. Next show: Thursday Jan 8 @ the Viscount Ballroom. Hope to see you there. Enjoy the holidays as they kick into full swing. More details on the next show as they become available.

Just a note: My apostrophe key is busted on my keyboard. Hence the lack of appropriate punctuation this week. I apologize.

B to the T to the B



CAC at DV8 tomorrow night. We're playing first so show up early for the raptacular festivities. Check the deets below.

XMas is coming....




Wow, it's December. CAC ended November on a strange note by playing our first Bend show to a very small crowd at the COCC campus. It's the farthest we've traveled to rock a show. Always good to get out of town. Anyway....

CAC and Soylent Gringo have TWO shows coming up. The first is this next Thursday at DV8(see the details below) and the next one is on Jan. 8 at The Viscount Ballroom here in Portland, right down the street from my place on good ol' SE Burnside. Admission will be minimal for both and drinks will be served so it's 21 and over. We tried out some new stuff in Bend and we're going to come with it again for these next shows.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.




Can't believe it's Thanksgiving again already. Hope you all have/had a good and a fatty one. CAC's going to be in Bend this weekend rocking the COCC the only way we know how. It's not too late to join us, if you want to make the trip. Mail me and let me know if you want to come. If not, hope to see you on Dec. 11 at DV8. Check the details below for both shows.





CAC was back in the studio this last weekend, and needless to say, work was getting done. I know I keep saying it, but the sophomore release is coming together, believe it or not. Come check out either of the shows listed below and you'll be privy to some of the newest material we've got to offer. We hope to see you guys in the crowd. Any takers on the Bend show yet? It's going to be a road trip that Kerouac would be proud of. Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, the Bend show is ALL AGES.

Write me and let me know if you want to roll.




Oh my God, there's going to be another

CAC show on Sunday, Nov. 30.

It's going to be in Bend, though. BUT, if you want to take a road trip and go with us, we'd love to have you there. I posted this on the board already, but I'll say it again. If you come, we'll pay for you to get in and you can hang with us while we do whatever it is we're going to do after the show(I know you're all dying for that opportunity). Seriously, we'd love to see some familiar faces there. It's a drive, but the venue sounds pretty cool and it should be a fun show. There's going to be some DJ's and MC's and we're playing with Perfect In Plastic, who some of you may have seen with us before. CAC's going on at about 8:30.

I think it's all ages, but I'm not sure. Sounds like it should be. Also, there's a chance we'll be playing a house party on Monday the 24th of this month in Portland but that's not confirmed. Write to us if you have interest in either show. Or post it on the board and we can hook up that way. And don't forget about our show at DV8 mentioned below.

Hope to see some of you at some of the shows. We'll be playing a lot of our new stuff. Keep it here for the latest.

Wock and biff



Oh my God, there's going to be a

CAC show on Thursday, Dec 11.

It's about time. It's going to be at DV8 with Soylent Gringo and Merrick Foundation. It's the night of the two man bands! Come show your love. We'll send out an email to remind all of you. It's not for another month. If you're not on our mailing list and want to be, write us here and tell us. We'll hook you up.

The old front pages can still be found here.

Check the weekly.

Word to the 3rd.



Oh boy, it's Halloween time again. If any of you don't have plans, it looks like the CAC will be hanging at the Boiler Room in downtown Portland on Friday night for some karaoke, cocktails, and a good old fashioned costume contest. Wockenfuss will be behind the boards running the 'roke and Pocaroba should be straight chillin'. We'd love to see any and all of you there. Dress up and let's have a good time. The contest is optional, so no pressure.

Write to us if you want directions or any more details. It's going to be hallow sweet.




Hey y'all. Not much to say this week. The weather's weird which is making my sinuses all messed up and it's bugging the hell out of me. Like I said before, the server seems to be working properly which I'm happy about. Big ups to cooleremail.com for that.

Hope you're all good, thanks for checking in.

Write to us, let us know what up.




Yo. Hope you all enjoyed our 100 week thing that we did last time, and now it's back to business as usual. CAC played a private party show this last Sunday and you can check out some photos on their pics page. Meanwhile, we're trying to hook up some shows that you guys can all come to. I know it's been too long.

Good to see you guys on the board, and I'm gonna work on hooking up some new shirts for those of you who have been asking for them. Thanks for the support. Sorry we're a little flaky.

Download that new CAC song if you haven't yet. Play it for your friends. Pass it around.




Holy crap. After about two years and some 55,000 hits, we have updated this bad boy for 100 weeks(almost in a row! We missed a few weeks here and there because of moving, redesigning, etc.). Anyway, we didn't want to let it go without saying anything, because I thought we would keep up with this whole thing for maybe two months, and that was being generous. But, thanks to the 8 or 10 of you that actually look at this damn thing, we stuck with it and kept cranking out the same ridiculous six categories over and over. And now there's a hundred of each of 'em.

And, as a special treat for the celebration, we have a few things. First off, hope you enjoy the front page this week. If you're not on it, I apologize, I painted myself into a corner on that one. On that same tip, we have archived the last 30 front pages(the only ones I managed to save, sorry) and you can check them out here for the time being until I can find a decent place to put the link. Hope you get a kick out of them. I'm going to save them all from here on out. I didn't match up the dates on 'em because I'm lazy- blah blah you'll see what I'm talking about.

Also, there's a brand spankin' new CAC track called "College Degreez" on their audio page so you should all download that bitch and do what you want with it. It's from our new record that we really want to put out by the end of the year.

A sincere thanks goes to everyone who keeps checking this thing out and to Lars @ cooleremail.com for putting all this garbage up on the web. Write to us if you got something to say or have a question and don't forget to check out the weekly stuff.

Thanks again for checking in with us.



Seems like the server has been better. Finally. Hope you all have been able to connect easier. I know our traffic has been better.

CAC's still working on the new disc.

Preview track next week....




Yeah, we keep plugging along. The hot weather seems to be back and I wish it would go back to the rain.

CAC's doing some recording this week and hopefully inching closer to the release of the next album.

Preview track coming soon....




Get on the board, people! It's getting pretty desolate over there. I know somebody's gotta be doing something interesting.

The new record is coming along. We've been recording whenever we can get our lazy asses together and hopefully it'll be worth the wait. I've said all this already, I know.

Anyway, enjoy the updates and have a good week.

Write us if you wanna say what up.



Finally, a break from the ruthless heat. I can now wear my NFL team parkas and not sweat to dangerous extremes. Jolly good.

RIP: Johnny Cash and John Ritter. Two good guys who deserved more than they got. Hope MTV is proud that they gave Timberlake that award instead of the man in black. Good call. And Jack Tripper? Forget about it.



The recording is coming along and the stokeometer is in the red at this point. We're ready to get this thing done and out on the streets so all of you can bootleg it for your friends. Be on the lookout for a preview track coming soon........



Still working and kicking ideas around for the new record. It's getting exciting. Hope the site has been working a little better for everyone. It's a little better on this end. Keep on the board and let us know what the hell is up.




I can't believe it's almost the end of August. The summers always go by way to quick. Anyway, CAC has been in the Sly Studio this last week cranking out some new tunes and they're coming along pretty well. Feels good to get in there and get some work done.

Thanks for checking in, hope you all aren't too annoyed with the site being up and down all the time. I still don't know what the hell is going on.




Damn it's hot. Been driving as much as possible so I can rock the A/C. I'm all class, baby. Good to see the Widgets this last weekend. We held it down at the BR big time. Rock and 'Roke.

The power goes out all over the country but Sly Records stays strong. If we can only hook up the server to update on time. Sorry this one's late again. You know I'm here for ya.

True dat.



And it don't quit. And by that I mean our problems with our server. However, we are lucky enough to have been hooked up with all this space on the ol' net for free, so I only bitch in jest. Just trust that I am getting this stuff up as soon as possible, and not just flaking(which I have been known to do).

My big fat kitty Lunchbox(Amy) got attacked by a raccoon this last weekend and she's working her way toward a speedy recovery. I'll post some pics of her shaved bizness as soon as I get 'em developed. Shaved cats are fairly comical. But, I love her and I'm glad her wounds weren't deadly. Her girth finally came in handy. Anyway.

Like I said, bookmark the board and we can always hook up there. No shows yet, but we've been writing more than we have in a while. The new album is going to be worth the wait. We hope.

Write to me and tell me something interesting. Or give me some slang for the site!




On top of the blazing heat, we keep having server issues. Frustrating. Biff and I went and saw two hip-hop shows this week, mcenroe on Sat. and Snoop on Mon. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. They were both fun, but mcenroe gets the nod. We were hoping for more from Daz at the Snoop show. Anyway, hopefully this will be up soon and the problems will stop.




We continue to have server problems and I know it sucks. Hence the late update. Keep posting on the board, y'all. We don't have any shows set up at the moment but we'll let you know when we do.

What up now.

B to the T


Hi everybody. I know we've been having server problems lately and I apologize for that. For some reason the site has been offline every once in a while. Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon. Make sure to bookmark the board so we can at least keep in touch there if this site is being screwy.

Word up. Hope you're all good. I'm looking forward to a sweet weekend with the Oat, 2 Beers, and Teal Schloffer. You know how we do.




Yeah. Hope everyone had a good 4th. I know I did.

CAC has actually been in the studio working on new tracks. Thank God. The new record is coming along slowly but surely. We'll keep you posted on any upcoming shows.

Till next time.




The show at the BR was damn fun. Thanks to everyone who came out. We'll keep you posted on any upcoming shows that we got coming up. Until then, keep posting on the board and keep checking back.

Check out a couple pics of the CAC BR show on the CAC pics page.



CAC and Soylent Gringo at the Boiler Room this Sunday. CAC's playing first, going on about 9:30. Hope to see you there.

Hope everyone's having a good week and enjoying the dope ass weather.

Also, apologies if the site's been a little screwy this week, we've been having a little bit of trouble with our server. Should be all taken care of now, hopefully.

Really hope to see all of you at the show.





Went to Ikea this weekend and bought a futuristic lamp. Pretty happy with it. Also, while I was in Seattle, James Carville jogged by my friends and I when we were down on the pier and it was fairly surreal. Good times.

Don't forget about the CAC show on the 29th. We hope to see a lot of you there.

B to the T to the B



The heat continues, and I persevere. Sitting here with Biff as we update the site, the sun is shining, I'm sipping on Vanilla Absolut, and syndicated Seinfeld is on the tube. Things couldn't be better. Hope things are good with all of you. Don't forget about the CAC show on the 29th, we hope you all can make it.

Write to us if you need any advice on anything. We're like Dan Savage and Dear Abby all wrapped into one big mess.


B & E



This heat is becoming relentless. Just had a visit from Oatmeal. It's his birthday this Sunday so be sure to tell him happy birthday if you see him or post it on the board if you feel it. You know how we do.

Next CAC show: Sunday, June 29 at Boiler Room, 3rd & NW Davis w/ Soylent Gringo. Bring the sweat.

Don't forget to check out the weekly bizness and hope you're all enjoying the beginning of the summer, wherever you may be.




Ah, the warm weather is finally here. I like it warm, but not too warm. Since CAC declined the request to headline Lollapalooza this summer, we'll have plenty of time to work on the as yet untitled follow up to Cool As Cucumbers. The Portland Mercury has been beating down our door asking for any advance material that we could provide, but they'll just have to wait like the rest of you.

By the way, if any of you have any good CAC pictures, email them my way and I'll see if I can post 'em. True dat.

Til next time.




And you don't stop. We still don't have any shows lined up but when we do, you'll be the first to hear about it. We're basically waiting for Biff to be done with school so we can start being productive again. Can't wait for summer.

Thanks for visiting.




In the heez fo sheez. Not much to say this week. There's a few new pics on the CAC pics page. More soon.

Let's all get on the board and post, shall we?

Or write to us if you got something to say.




That's right. Hi everybody. Thanks to the folks who came to Berbati's and saw the CAC show this last week. It was spotty but a good time was had by all and that's the important thing. Not much to say this week. We'll let you know about any upcoming shows. Until then, CAC is hoping to hunker down in the studio and keep plugging away on the new record. It's comin along.

Blow us up if you got something you wanna say. Or hit up the board.




Hey everybody. Our good friend Cherry Sprout passed away this week and it's on all of our minds here at Sly Records so we wanted to let you all know about it. He was at the last CAC show and if any of you followed us to the Boiler Room after that he was the guy who did the best version of "Beautiful Ones" by Prince ever. We'll miss him a lot and won't forget about him.

Hope to see all of you at the Berbati's show tomorrow.




What is up y'all. Not too much to say this week. CAC is getting together this evening to hammer out some new music. We're surprised at how many new songs we have done and at how they keep getting better and better. Not trying to sound cocky, but I think we're just happy to have some new material to play live. We like to mix it up.

Check out the details on the next show at Berbati's on the shows page and don't forget to go to the board and post all your opinions on everything. We love to hear from all you self-righteous bastards. You're following my dream.

See you on May Day.




A big thanks to everybody who came out and saw the show last night. It was good times before, during and after. We'll post pictures as soon as we get 'em developed. Next up: Berbati's Pan on the 1st of May. So, spend May Day with CAC, the Moneychangers, and the Punk Group.

Sorry for the day late update, I moved this week and didn't get my computer back up until today. You know how we do.

Keep it here for all the good stuff.



Alright. So the Berbati's show that we were talking about is off but another one is on. CAC will be playing at Kelly's Olympian (426 SW Washington downtown Portland) on Wednesday, April 16th. We're playing with Soylent Gringo and it should be a damn good time. So come on down and check it out. The Cover is 2 bucks and it should kick off around 10ish.

CAC on the radio! In addition, on that same Wednesday, CAC will be making an in studio appearance on the local Portland State University radio station, KPSU. The show airs between 7 and 8 PM and you can tune it in on 1450 AM or go to kpsu.org for their online broadcast(which comes in a lot better for most people). We'll be talking with the DJ, Dr. Kronik, and performing some new material in the studio. So all you die hard fans, get your bootleg recorders ready. All two of you.

Thanks for checking in. We're going to try and get as many of the boys in the group to come to the show and we'll try and let you know who's coming.

Hope to see you all soon.



We're calling the Berbati's show off. Stay tuned for more show info.



Hey. Thanks to all who came out to see CAC this last week. We had a damn fine time hanging out with all of you. Check out a few pictures of the show on the ol' CAC pics page.

We're in the process of figuring out exactly when our next show will be. As far as we know, the Berbati's show is still on, but there's some details that still need to be worked out. We'll keep you posted. We're still working on an all ages gig, too.

CAC was in the studio today knocking out some new tracks for our next record. Slowly but surely.

Thanks for checking in. Go to the board, sign up, and post your thoughts. Let us know what you think about an all ages, no booze show. Know any kiddos that want to go?

Have a good week.




CAC, Buttery Lords, and Soylent Gringo at the Ash St. tomorrow. Go to the shows page for details. More news soon.



Uh huh, oh yeah. Happy late St. Patty's day. What a special holiday. Or is just another excuse to drink? Who knows. Anyway, not much to say this week. CAC was in the studio and busted out a couple new tracks which should make their debut appearances at some of our upcoming shows. Speaking of, don't forget about our show at the Ash Street next week. Check the shows page for details.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the message board. Let's just make sure we're all being civil with each other. It's all about arguing and disagreeing, it's just not about mouthing off in an offensive way. You know what I mean. It's not too tough.

Anyway, good times. Hope you are all having a good week and we hope to see you at the upcoming shows.

As always, write to me if you need to get on the mailing list for upcoming shows or if you want me to tell you why your favorite band sucks.




What up y'all. Hope everyone is enjoying the new site. We realize there's still some kinks to be worked out, but for the most part it seems to be going well. Big up to everyone who's been posting on the message board. We love getting together and talking about pointless stuff as much as the rest of you. Not much else to say. The show at the Ash Street still seems to be on so we hope you all can make it.

Write to me if you want to get on our mailing list or if you want to nitpick the new site.