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Thanks to everybody who came out and saw CAC at the Boiler Room this last weekend. It was a damn fine way to spend the ol' Valentine's Day. Hope you all had a good time there. I know we did.

If you haven't noticed, it's Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig week this week. Curt died last week of unknown causes and we wanted to say our goodbyes to him. We grew up watching him be the most entertaining pompous ass in the WWF and he will be missed.

The CAC's taking a little break right now and trying to work on our new record and revamping this darn website. Our next show will be at the Ash Street downtown on March 27th. We'll keep you posted on that.

Thanks for checking in.



CAC @ the Boiler Room on Valentine's Day!

And you better come check it out. We're playing with our good friend Joe Talik and there's going to be karaoke till the wee hours of the night to directly follow the musical entertainment. It's free, 21 and over, and starts at 9PM. And if you don't know, the Boiler Room is at 3rd and NW Davis in downtown Portland. CAC's probably going to be trying out some new material, and you know you don't want to miss that.

Hope to see you there.

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Hey gang. Thanks to everybody who came out for the big Blackbird bash this last Saturday. We had a damn fine time and hope all of you did too. I'll post pictures of that show and some of the other recent ones too as soon as I get the darn things developed.

Next CAC show: Valentine's Day Bash at the Boiler Room! That's Friday, February 14th and the Boiler Room is at 3rd and NW Davis downtown, It'll probably start at about 9 with karaoke hosted by Johnny Wockenfuss to directly follow. So tell your friends, bring your old man/lady and come on down and check it out. We'll probably have some sort of special guest with us too. We'll keep you posted on that.

Keep checking back.



Don't forget to come see CAC at the Blackbird this Saturday! It's at 3728 NE Sandy and should get going at about 10. Bring your ID and a little bit of money. Hope to see you all there.

Write to me if you want to get on our mailing list for upcoming shows.

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Oh, I know. Long time no talk. Johnny's birthday carried on a little longer and drunker than he thought it might and things have been slower as a result. But, here's some news:

The next CAC show is Saturday, February 1st at the Blackbird with Buttery Lords and Perfect in Plastic. It's 21 and over and there will be a small cover. Should kick off around 10. We're also in talks with some folks about setting up a bunch more shows in the future and we'll keep you posted when any dates are confirmed. One of these might possibly be an all ages show, so to all you kids out there who are on the minor tip, you might get to come see us soon. We've been wanting to do that for a long time, but it's harder than it seems. is in the process of beginning some changes, so if things are a little weird around here(which they shouldn't be) it's because I'm beginning the long arduous process of revamping this bad boy. It'll be more informative and hopefully a little easier to navigate and maybe have some other fun stuff that we didn't have before. Stay tuned for that.

If you want to get on our mailing list or if you have any suggestions about the website or any questions or just feel lonely and want some advice on how to meet your dream date, write to me and we'll see what we can do for you.

Keep checking with us,




Hey gang. Hope everyone had a good new year. I know I kind of did. Anyway, CAC's got a show coming up that you should definitely not miss. We're going to celebrate Wockenfuss's birthday in style by throwing a gig at our new favorite place, the ol' Satyricon. We'll be joined by the Buttery Lords and Perfect In Plastic and it should be pretty damn sweet. When is it, do you ask? I'll tell you. It's Tuesday, January 14th and you should roll down there at about 10. We hope to see you there.

Check out the waste here and drop us a line if you want to know anything.




Merry Christmas everybody! Yeah, it's kind of late, but that's my style. You know that. Come see the CAC at Satyricon this Saturday. Details are below, punks.



Saturday the 28th, CAC @ Satyricon(125 NW 6th) w/ Sugarbang and Perfect in Plastic. 21 and over and there's a small cover. You know you wanna be there, so do it fool.

I'll be sending out the email to bug all of you soon. Prepare yourselves.



Is everybody getting ready for the holidays? I keep forgetting that they're even happening. But damn, they're on their way. Anywho, not much to say this week, just wanted to remind all of you about our show that's coming up on the 28th, which you can read about below. We're looking forward to it, and we're hoping all of you can come.

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Hot damn. Thanks to everybody who came out to see us at the Tonic this last Friday, we had a great turn out and a damn fine time. We appreciate the positive feedback on the new songs we've been trying to pull off at our shows.

Anyway, what's really been going on, do you ask? CAC is in the studio, working on their follow up to the Portland Mercury's album of the year. We've taken some pictures and I'll post them soon.

And...there's another CAC show not far away. Saturday December 28th we're playing at the ol' Satyricon with Sugarbang and Perfect in Plastic. It should be rocking. Write it down on your calender and be there.

What else? I don't know.

write to me and tell me how much you love yourself.

I love all of you for even taking the time.



Sorry to anyone who was looking for an update last week because I certainly didn't provide one. I think I get a free pass once a year on account of girl problems and that's what I'm claiming again. Not the best excuse, but, it's all I've got and it's legit. Anyway.

CAC's got a show coming up next friday at the Tonic Lounge with Oldominion and we expect you all to be there. It's a weekend night so let's let it all hang out and have a good time. I'll post more details soon when we know when it's starting and how much the cover is, etc.

Keep with us for the latest and the greatest.




Thanks to everyone who came to the big(little) Halloween show this last week. We had a blast. Check out the new pics on the ol' pics page.

CAC is scheduled to spend the next 3 weeks getting some new material together for our next show, which is on Friday, November 29th at the Tonic Lounge with Oldominion. This should be a good one. We've been wanting to play with these guys for a while now and we're looking forward to finally playing at the Tonic too. Write it down on your calender and come check it out.

Write to me if you want to get on our mailing list or if you want to know anything at all about what we're up to here at the Sly Records camp. Thanks for keeping up with us.



What up y'all. Welcome to Halloween week here at Take a look around and enjoy all the fun scary stuff we've posted this week. It's frightening.

If you missed the front page of the site this week, CAC is playing a Halloween show on the 31st at the Rabbit Hole, which is at 203 SE Grand. Come down and celebrate with us.

And, we just found out that we'll be opening for Oldominion at the Tonic Lounge on November 29th, which is a Friday. Mark it down on your calender.

Hope to see you all this Thursday.



Come see us tomorrow night! Or if you miss that one, come see us at the Rabbit Hole on Halloween night and wear a costume! We'll all get drunk and wear wigs!

On a somewhat related note, CAC has some new T-Shirts and other stuff we'll be selling/giving away at our upcoming shows, so don't forget to ask us about our shameless self-promotion!

See you all soon.



What up, everybody. Hope to see you all next Wednesday at the Con, read all about that and some other stuff below. Also, don't forget about the CAC Halloween show at the Rabbit Hole on the 31st. Let's all get dressed up and drink too much, shall we?



Disturbing Memories #5 is finally up!

Yes, this is good news to the few of you who actually have been waiting for it. And, because you have had to wait so damn long, I put a couple of extra stories up there too. They're not officially entries in the "Disturbing" series, but they're kind of like that. I hope you like them. Go here to take a look.

On top of that, I've also posted a couple pictures of the CAC show at Cal-Sport from last month on the CAC pics page, so you can take a look at that too.

And, after putting it off for no real reason at all, the first gopher glory band photo is up on their pics page. It's about time.

CAC at Satyricon!

That's right, don't forget about the upcoming show. We'll be there on Wednesday the 23rd with Penca and Noumena and you should all mark it on your calender and come down and check the technique. I'll send out an email about it soon. If you're not on our mailing list and would like to be, write me and I'll hook it up.

That's all I can think of. Thanks for checking in.




Hot damn. CAC tomorrow at the House of Funk, don't miss it. Details are below.

Thats right, is now officially one year old! It's been a good first year and we're not stopping anytime soon. We just love you all too much.

Want to be on our mailing list so you can hear about upcoming shows? Click here to send me an email and tell me you want to be a part of the excitement that is the Sly Records mailing list. It's a wild ride.

Speaking of other things, this Saturday is eroc aka biff aka the white mystery from CAC's birthday and we're all going to be at the Boiler Room to celebrate. It's on 3rd and NW Davis in downtown Portland and you should come if you're interested. Email me if you need more details.

See you all soon.



It's getting to the point where I guess I need to just hire a webmaster for this damn site. Not really, but I'm getting bad about updating on time and I apologize. I have a pretty bad head cold right now and have just not felt like doing anything except laying in bed and whining about it.

Thanks to those folks who came out for the big CAC and Nathan Jr. show at Cal-Sport, it was interesting to say the least. There are pictures and they will be up soon. Now for what's next...

CAC and the Widgets are at it again! Look out Salem, here we come. We'll be playing at the brand new House of Funk in South Salem(3981 SE Commercial, 391-1010) on October 2nd, which is a Wednesday. There will most likely be a $3 cover and bring the ol' ID, 'cos it's a bar. I'm pretty sure it's the kick-off of their live music performances there, so it should be loads of fun. We hope to see you there.

Also, not to jump the gun, but you can also mark your calender for CAC @ Satyricon Oct 23 and CAC @ the Rabbit Hole for a special Halloween show. It's all falling into place.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Thanks for checking in.



Come see the CAC this Thursday! Details are below. Any questions, write to us and we'll write you back.

Good looking out. As always, thanks to Andrew Coonfield for his contributions this week.

See you Thursday.




Whew, big weekend. But enough about my crazy karaoke lifestyle. What's up with the CAC you ask? Well, something. We're playing at Cal-Sport (1033 NW 16th) on Thursday the 19th with our good friend ONUG who'll be doing an acoustic set opening up for us. It's a free show, so come out and check it out. We'll be probably doing a little bit of new material, so if nothing else you can come watch us try and work our way through that. Should be a fun time.

I'll send out the normal annoying email to everyone soon. Look forward to it!

Thanks for checking in.



I took an extra long labor day weekend, sorry for the lateness of the updating. Not much to say this week, we've just been writing and trying to set up some shows.

Pretty exciting, I know. Got a show for us? Got some questions to ask us? Want to write us some hate mail because you think CAC sounds "just like your friend's band?" Then blow us up and we'll work things out on the email tip. Punk.

Thanks for checking in.



I can't believe it's almost September. What the hell. Here's some stuff:

Thanks to everybody who came out to Satryicon on the 21st for the CAC/Noumena/Widgets show, we all had a great time. For any of you who missed it, you couldn't have picked a worse show to skip out on. Kay Bee the Quiet Storm made his long awaited return to the fold of the CAC and we unveiled one of the new songs we're working on, which we're calling "Kenzy Kenzington" for the time being, which is such an esoteric title that I barely get it myself. But don't fret. You can see how much fun we all had. Go to the CAC pics page for some photos of the festivities.

Did you see CAC in the Willamette Week this week? Not to toot our own horn, but we must mention any press we get because it's few and far between. Whatever, they put our picture in there and we need all the promotion we can get. Screw the Mercury for continuing to ignore us!

Biff wanted me to mention that he finally found the film Rad on VHS today, so he can finally sleep at night. Make sure to congratulate him when you see him next.

We're working hard on new CAC material, for those of you who have been asking. Along those same lines, we have absolutely no time frame for when anything is going to be released, so you can keep asking us about it and we'll keep telling you that it will be done when it's done. Because that, after all, is the only thing we know for sure. We're just happy that a lot of you are still interested. When I say thank you it is sincere.

Anything else? I don't know. Drop us a line if you want to know anything, or just keep checking back here for upcoming shows and whatnot.

The last episode of Dennis Miller Live ever is this Friday night. It's going to be a black day for TV. I'm in the process of making an armband as we speak.

Have a good week-




Big CAC show this week. Wednesday night at Satyricon, it's the CAC crew with Noumena and the Widgets. Come down and check it out. In case you're wondering, Satyricon is at 125 NW 6th Ave in downtown Portland. There's probably some sort of cover and it's 21 and over as usual.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks to Andrew Coonfield for the picture on the front page of the site this week.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who visits the site. We got our 10,000th hit this week and that seems like a lot to me. It's cool that you all keep checking back.



Just put up some new pictures on the CAC pics page. Check them out and read the stuff below if you haven't already.



What up. Nothing much to say this week, just that the wheels have started turning on a few different Sly Records projects so keep your eyes and ears open and tuned right here for some more info in the future. We've learned not to open our fat mouths until we really know what's going on, so we're going to keep relatively quiet for the time being.

Don't forget about our show at Satyricon on Wed. the 21st with the Widgets and Noumena. I'll be sending you all an email about it soon enough.

Take care, God dammit.

B to the T to the B and that's me.



Well, the Salem shows went off without a hitch and we're back safe and sound in the deep heart of SE Portland. Word to Tacomania and the whole Dold family for showing the CAC way too much love. You know what we're talking about. Also, word to the kids who came out and saw the CAC at the Gov Cup on Saturday night. We had fun. And, special knowledge to the Widgets for working the CAC in whenever they can.

And now, we return the favor. CAC, Noumena, and the Widgets will be playing Satyricon here in Portland on Wednesday the 21st of August and all of you who are of age need to show up and show all kinds of love. Be there. There will be more later about this.

For now, it's Monday night and I've already been to the Chop and back so I need to get back there one more time to show ONUG how badass his KJ skills are.

Blow me up if you want to know what's really going on.

Keep checking in, because things are starting to get major.




Just a reminder to all you folks out there that CAC is playing with the Widgets this Friday night, August 2nd, at the Edge in West Salem. Sound familiar? Well, it kind of is, but we always have a good time. So come out and check us out. I think we have an all ages show in Salem the next night, too, but I can't exactly remember. Check back for those details and I'll probably send out an email to all of you email listers this week to bug you to make the trip to the Edge so look forward to that bad boy comin' your way soon.

Have a good week.




Yo. Thanks to the gang who came out and supported at Doc's this last weekend. We had a better time than we thought we would, and got to meet some interesting people to boot. There will be pictures of some shows that we've played recently up on the site soon, so keep checking back.

Um, yeah, what else. Friday, August 2nd, we're playing at the Edge in Salem with our old friends the Widgets, so keep that in mind. There's also rumours of an all ages show in Salem the next night, so we'll see what happens.

Check back for all the latest. Word to the 3rd.




If people would just stop having parties on Sundays, maybe I could get some work done on this damn site. Apologies again to any of you that actually look at this stuff.

So, big CAC show this Saturday at Doc's, and this time it's actually going to happen. We go on around 10:30, so come down and check it out. Once again, a reminder that this show is at a strip club, so if you're not down for that sort of thing, you might want to skip this one. More importantly, if you are down for that sort of thing, come watch strippers dance to the CAC, 'cos it's going to be crazy.

Doc's is on 30th and SE Powell and there's probably a 5 dollar cover. I'm going to send emails to all of you who are on the mailing list to remind you. Want to get on that list? Email me and tell me about it.

Have a good week.



Oh yeah, did you guys see what the Portland Mercury and the Willamette Week had to say about the CAC this last week? Both rags wrote up previews of our Mississippi show and they both had some fairly nice things to say. If you missed it, here's the quotes:

Willamette Week: "The double-honky hip-hop team of CAC jumps the stage immediately after, spitting their self-pimping pop-culture similes so fast it's impossible to keep up; though the beats are strictly old-skool cheese, the call-and-response vocals and manic humor make it mad fun, complete with Shakes the Clown samples and Socrates rhymes."

Portland Mercury: "With Portland's CAC, a couple of jokey mcjokersons who rap hyper-ironic, pop culture stuff like 'I drink mad liqour like Shakes the Clown' actually pretty well."

So, as usual, we're a comedy act, but what the hell. Some of the best press we've had yet.

Read below about our next show and my apologies about the late updates.



Boy, the updates were really late this week. Sorry. My boys from SF were in town and we were too busy shotgunning Pabst for me to sit down in front of the old Mac. But, we had a good time, so that's the important thing. Speaking of good times, thanks to everybody who came out to see the CAC this last week. Our shows went really well and I think everyone got their dance on in a very sweet manner.

Speaking of CAC shows, our next one in coming up in about ten days, on July 20th at Doc's on 30th and Powell. Remember how we were supposed to play there and the show got canceled and then rescheduled? I sure do. So, that's what's going on. Come see the CAC w/ a side helping of T&A. It's gonna be wild.

As always, email me if you have any questions, want to get on our mailing list, or if you need advice about your love life, which is probably in shambles. I love to listen. That's just what I do.

Have a good week.




Alright. I know I've said it over and over and over again but I'm going to say it one more time. Come see the CAC this week. Click here for the big details sheet and then proceed to follow us around. Another reminder, the show at the Mississippi on Friday is ALL AGES and FREE. So, if by some random chance you're one of those people who bitches to me that we always play in bars, this is my chance to tell you to stop whimpering and come to that show and watch us rap in a tiny room filled with paintings on windows. You'll see what I mean if you show up.

As usual, I thought of more things that I needed to tell all you Sly fanatics(all six of you) but now I can't remember. Hope to see some of you this week. We're antsy and ready to rock, so look out.

Email me if you have any questions about the shows or the bands or the site or whatever.



Again, Crappy!

Dear God. In case you missed the front page message, our show at Doc's has been postponed until the 20th of July. I'm super pissed. Whatever. Biff and I are going to go to Beulahland that night instead (It's on NE 28th, about 3 blocks North of Burnside) and support ONUG and the Boys From Ipanema and then go across the street to Chopsticks to tie one on and sing a song. SOOO sorry about all this, we're as frustrated as anybody. Come hang with us that night and make us feel better. I'm annoyed.




The CAC show that was canceled has been rescheduled at our favorite haunt, the Boiler Room. So it's on for Saturday, July 6th. Get there at about 10. We're still working on an opener, and we'll let you know when we find one. That'll be the last show on the CAC mini tour. Like I said before, click here for a big, long-winded version of where we're playing and when. 4 shows in 8 days, and you better believe that mess.

Also, a big happy 21st birthday to Nick from the Widgets! He and the gang are in Canada right now celebrating, but they stopped by the house of Wockenfuss for a little cheap beer and good times on Sunday and we have some pictures to prove it. Hope these don't embarrass anyone too badly.

And, congratulations are due to my coworker and good friend Cherry Sprout, who got engaged to his lovely girlfriend Adazoe yesterday. Big up, Cherry.

There's probably more, and I'll put it up when I remember.

By the way, sorry for the late updates, I've been having too many lazy dog day afternoons.

Let's hear it for love and warmth and the hangover that comes with drinking too much Olympia.




The CAC show on Saturday July 6th has been canceled! I just got word from the booking agent at the Cobalt Lounge that all the upcoming shows there have been pulled because the venue is shutting down. Son of a biscuit. Foiled again.

We'll keep you posted on any further developments.



Ok, just click here for a way-too-detailed break down of the upcoming CAC shows, including directions and who we're playing with and all you could want to know. Any other questions? Email me and I'd be happy to talk you through any problems you're having.

It's on.



CAC mini tour 2002!

Wow, the show's just keep on comin'. Alright, here's the full breakdown. CAC will be playing at Doc's on Saturday, June 29. They will then be playing in West Salem at the Edge on Wednesday, July 3rd. That weekend, on Friday July 5th, they will be playing at the Mississippi in North Portland for an art closing(!) with a bunch of other bands. This is a free all ages show. Then on Saturday the 6th they will wrap up the big week at the Cobalt Lounge with some bands and maybe a DJ. There will be full, really detailed description of this little tour really quick so keep checking back for prices and listings and directions to each of the places if you need 'em.

Note: There is a special gift waiting for any lucky fan who makes it to all four of the shows. We're not telling what it is, mostly because we haven't figured it out yet. But it will be something sweet and personalized from Wockenfuss and Pocaroba themselves.

Keep checking back.



CAC show!

So it's finally come to this. That's right, ladies and gents, the CAC is going to be playing a show at a gentleman's club at the end of this month. So grab a fistfull of ones and get ready for a night of debauchery, CAC style. Seriously though, the show is at Doc's on 30th and SE Powell and it's on the 29th of June. We're playing with Noumena and some other band who I can't remember the name of, but I think they might be butt-rock. It's going to be a wild night, so you should definitely not miss this one. If you ever needed an excuse to go to a strip club, now you've got one. And don't give us any shit about playing a show at a strip club. Grow up.

Even more CAC shows!

While you've got your pen out and you're marking up your calender, mark down July 3rd and August 2nd, because CAC will be at the Edge in West Salem on both of those evenings. So all you down south fools should come see our show. There will be much more on that later, as the time approaches.

Thanks to everybody who came out and saw us on Tuesday at Mt. Tabor, we had a good time. I apologize for wussing out towards the end of the night, but my cold sweat just kept getting colder and I needed to lay down with some juice and just stare for a while. So that's what I did.

Keep checking back with us.




Let's see. Seems like I had something really interesting to announce to all of you fans out there, but I can't think of a damn thing except the next CAC show, which is this Tuesday, or more specifically tomorrow. CAC's going on at ten, the cover is 4 bucks, it's at Mt Tabor theater on 46th and Hawthorne, and there's talk of doing a karaoke jam at an undisclosed location after the show, so if you have ever wanted to party with the CAC team, this is your chance.

Come down and see us.



CAC show scheduled! CAC will be playing at Mt. Tabor pub Tuesday, June 4th. We're playing with some other hip-hop type groups and it should kick off around 9:30 so come check us out. I'll send all of you die hard Sly fans an email to remind you so you can look forward to that. Speaking of that, if you want to get on (or off) our mailing list, email me and I'll put you down. It's basically just to keep you informed about upcoming shows.

Hope to see you at the show.



Big week, so get ready. First of all, it's officially Brigitte Nielsen week here at Sly Records, so enjoy all the Nielsen related material that's devoted to the hottest girl ever. Having said that, here's some actual info.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to support CAC at the Edge on Saturday night. Our hardcore fans are the coolest people ever. You know who you are. Also, a big thanks to the Widgets for having us play with them, we always have a good time. Check out some pics of that show and some other recent photos on the CAC pics page.

We did some other updating as well. There's a gopher glory bio up(finally) and there's going to be some more gopher related stuff soon, so keep checking back. I'll let you know when it's up.

CAC now officially have some more merch in the form of buttons and stickers, so next time you see us ask us for some and we'll give 'em to you. A big thanks to Andrew Coonfield for doing up the stickers for us, they look great. Also, thanks to C-Dog for showing up to the show this weekend, you never fail to surprise us.

I guess that's it. I thought I had some more things to say and now I can't think of them. Whatever. It sounds like CAC is going to have some more shows lined up soon, and I'll post the info here as soon as I get it.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Email me and tell me what up.



Lordy lordy. Thanks to everybody who came to see us at the Blackbird on Saturday night. We had a damn fine time. The Buttery Lords are sweet as shit. We're going to have to rock the same stage again some time. I'll post some pictures when I get 'em developed.

Don't forget that we have another show coming up this weekend, Salem style. It's at the Edge in West Salem with our good friends the Widgets and it should be rocking. There's a three dollar cover and I want to see all of your sorry asses there to support us. It'll probably kick off around 9 or 10 and it's 21 and over. There's a 50% chance of c-dog showing up.

The CAC once again made the top ten NW bands list in the Statesman Journal, this time we dropped a few notches to number four. Better luck next week.

Come see us Saturday!



Oh, the CAC is getting press all over the place. The PSU paper actually went as far as to print the piece that they did on us, and it hit the newstands today. So, since most of you probably aren't PSU students and don't hang out down there, check out the online version here.

And I've said it before but I'll say it again, come to the damn show on Saturday, it's going to be dope.

Love Brad.


Alright. This weekend is the big hip-hop extravaganza at the Blackbird so I expect to see all you devoted CAC fans there to cheer us on. If you wanna see us you should get there by ten because we're the openers. And, if you feel so inclined, rock some CAC gear so we can represent properly. There will hopefully be plenty of cougs there so we should all get to party hard.

Also, be on the lookout for CAC in the PSU newspaper this week if you're down there.

Drop us a line if you've got any questions or if you just wanna say what up.



Another CAC show!- That's right. Saturday, May 18th with The Widgets at the Edge in West Salem. I'm not quite sure if West Salem is ready for the CAC style, but this is our chance to find out.



Alright, get ready, here's the news.

CAC in print!- Have you all picked up the new Willamette Week yet with the local band listings insert? If not, run down to your local newstand and grab one, then turn to page 26 in the "Little Black Book" part. That's right, CAC have actually been recognized enough by a local rag to have our goddamned picture in there. Can you say big time?

CAC on the radio!- On Thursday, April 18, at 5PM, CAC will be making a sweet in studio appearance on KPSU. We'll be doing some live songs, playing some of our favorite bands, and maybe even talking a little bit. So, tune your dial to 1450 AM or go to and click on the listen thingy to tune it in on your computer. Don't miss it!

CAC at the Blackbird!- CAC will be playing at the Blackbird here in Portland(3728 NE Sandy) on Saturday, May 11th. We'll be opening up for The Buttery Lords and The Sucka MC's, who just got a little blurb in SPIN, so it could be a big deal. We know the show's not for like another month, but mark it down on your calender and try to get there early, because we're the opening act. We'll give you more details about cover charges and times and stuff as the date approaches.

Widgets new record is in the can!- Our good friends The Widgets were just up here this last weekend putting the finishing touches on their new record, Why Don't the Kids Dance? They crashed at the Sly Records house in between sessions at Smegma Studios with good ol' Mike Lastra. Overseeing production: Newly signed Virgin Japan recording artist Matt Fargo. We'll keep you posted on that front.

Guess that's it for now. Keep coming back for all the straight dope.



Yes, yes, yes. We actually have some stuff coming up, but the dates aren't totally confirmed so I won't bother to get into it until they are. Keep checking back.



What up fools. Not much on the haps this week. Should mention that CAC was featured in the Salem Statesman Journal as one of the top selling NW bands at Ranch Records, a local record store there. That's right, our friends work there!

Keep checkin'.



That's right, has a new look! I was tired of the red, so we're going to rock the blue for a while. Also, check out the new links page if you want to, as well as the new improved CAC pics page. We're on the up and up!



Thanks to everybody who came out for the show at the Beezee Reezee on Friday. Good turnout. I will hopefully have some photos to put up soon, although I hate to make promises. Keep checking back for more show info.



Sorry about the lateness of the ol' update this week. I had to rock St. Patty's with the one and only Oatmeal, so I was busy. You understand. So....come to the damn show on Friday. It's gonna be a fun one. The word on the street is that almost the whole CAC team is going to be there, so show up and see if the money we put down on C-Dog is coming back to us. Oatmeal fans rejoice!

See you there.



Alright. CAC at the Boiler Room, Friday, March 22, with Smiles, our friends from Salem, opening. So, come down and check it out. We're going to start it a little later than last time and afterwards we can all hang out and get loaded together.

C-Dog, if you're reading this, call us. We want you to be at the show. Put your homemade gravity bong down and dial us up on your little mini cell phone.

Matt Fargo, if you're reading this, hope Japan is treating you well and we look forward to seeing you beer-bong some sake upon your return.

If anybody sees ONUG tomorrow(Monday), tell him happy birthday. We'll be at the Chop celebrating while he works behind the KJ booth.

Guess that's it for now. See you all at the show.




What up gang. Thanks to those of you who came down to the Peacock and checked out the CAC's sweaty set. A big thanks to the Widgets for inviting us along. We're still trying to nail down when our next show is going to be, check back with us, hopefully we'll know pretty soon.



Just a reminder- CAC at the Peacock in Corvallis tomorrow with the Widgets. Make a road trip and watch us play in front of total strangers. It should kick off around 9 or 10 and there's some sort of cover charge. And it's a bar.



Alright. The new and improved Sly Records store page seems to be up and functional. You can now pay with your Visa/MC and we'll send you some quality music right to your front door. It's quick, easy, and we do all the footwork so you don't have to. Tell your friends across the US that they now have no excuse not to own our stuff. Bring on the drunk late night impulse buys!



CAC show! We will be rolling down the ol' I-5 for a show in Corvallis on Friday March 1st. We're playing with the Widgets at a place called the Peacock at about 9PM. I have no idea where the place is because I am completely not familiar with the city itself. Come down and show your love.

Also, our CD is now available for sale at Ranch Records in Salem, so our down south neighbors can pick it up.

Email us if you want any more info or if you just want to say hi.

Have good mosh pitting. BTB



What up everybody. Another boring week in the lives of the Sly Records gang. The most exciting thing that happened was realizing that the people who put out Curse of the Queerwolf have a link from their site to ours. They refer to us as "Movie Week" and call my description of the film a review. If you all remember, it was our movie of the week a while back. Yes, I've finally made it.

Thanks for checking in.



Now I got something to say. Check out the new improved CAC audio page. Now we got full versions of the songs, fool.



Not much to say this week. And by not much, I mean nothing. The CAC is in the process of booking some shows and we will let you know when they are. Apparently there is some hip-hop show that KPSU is putting on next month and we're going to try to get hooked up with that. If anybody knows anything about it email us and let us know the deets.

Did anybody watch the NBA crapfest this weekend? If I saw Jim Gray on the street I would beat him with a pillowcase full of doorknobs. We just got ESPN Classic at the crib and it makes me realize how great sports used to be. Where have you gone Kent Tekulve?

Thanks for checking in with us.


I can't believe it's February already. Goodness gracious. First off, a big thank you to everyone who came out for the Boiler Room gig this past Thursday, there was definitely a bigger crowd than we expected. Next time we're going to do it on a weekend night so we can all hang out and booze together till the wee hours. I will put some pictures up as soon as I get 'em developed.

Not much to say this week, really. The CAC is working on booking some new gigs and we'll let you know when they come up. We will be playing with the Buttery Lords at the Blackbird, but that's not for a while so I won't bore you with the details for about another two months.

Thanks for checking in with us. Keep looking at the site for updates and email us if you want to insult us or tell us that you love us. We find both stances preposterous.

Be well

Love Brad



Hi everybody. First of all, some unfortunate news on the CAC side of things. The show scheduled for Saturday the 2nd has been canceled, or at least postponed. I'm still kind of in the dark about why this happened, but when I find out I will let you all know.

But, the CAC show at the Boiler Room is still on like Donkey Kong. Come down and support us, you lazy bastards. Thursday, the Boiler Room, 3rd and NW Davis downtown, no cover, get there around 8. The CAC is fully prepared to rap your socks off, and ONUG is going to wow you with his acoustic sensitivity. I don't want to hear about how you have to work the next day. The show's early, wuss.

Have a good week- BTB



As you probably saw on the main page, the CAC is playing at the Boiler Room on the 31st. Show up and give us some support, dammit. Opening the show is our close personal friend/Rick Bain and the Genius Position keyboardist One Nathan Under God, also known as ONUG from the CAC. He will be performing solo acoustic tunes that will blow your mind. Don't miss it.

Also, don't forget about the Eugene show at Taylor's on Feb. 2nd with Phat Sidy Smokehouse. Make the road trip and let's have fun.

Email us if you want to. We like it. Ask us some questions.




"Disturbing Memories" #4 is up on the waste page. Check it out.



Hey, hope you all had a good weekend. Looks like the CAC might do a set at the Boiler Room downtown this next Thursday the 24th, but we're not quite sure if it's going to work out yet. It probably will. I'll know for sure in a day or two.

Speaking of the Boiler Room, Mr. Johnny Wockenfuss himself hosts karaoke down there on Wed., Thurs., and Fri. nights, so stop in and pay him a visit. It's on 3rd and NW Davis, down by the Cobalt and Darcelle's.

Also, don't forget: CAC at Taylor's in Eugene on Saturday February 2nd. Make a road trip and come party with us, college style.

And, an apology to those who have been looking for a new installment of "Disturbing Memories". I'm working on a new one now and it will hopefully be up soon. So the two of you who actually read it will just have to wait a little longer.

Keep checking back.




It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Matt Fargo is leading a life that we know nothing about. If you're a Pretty To Look At fan, and I know that you are, please check this out. So bizarre.



A CAC show update: Looks like the band will be playing a show in Eugene on Feb 2nd, opening for a group called Phat Sidy Smokehouse. We know nothing about this band, but will let you all know anything about them when we find out. The show is at Taylor's, which is a bar right down near the UO campus. It's a Saturday night, so it should be a big one. Would love to see some of you down there.

Another interesting note: Matt Fargo of Pretty to Look At has posted some of his recent songs on an MP3 site for free downloading. They are in Japanese and very sensitive sounding. Check them out here. He is calling himself Flipflop.

Keep checking back.



I can't believe that I actually skipped a week of updating the site. A sincere apology to those few of you who have been looking for an update. You can blame my (ex)girlfriend who apparently finds great pleasure in making my life chaotic, as long as she is having a good time. I should have listened to Willie D when he told me to let a ho be a ho. Anyway, Johnny Wockenfuss(yours truly) has had to relocate the Sly Records online offices during the past week and so I was unable to update the site as scheduled. But now I'm living with some tight bros and am once again a swingin' bachelor, so there won't be anything to get in my way.

The CAC show at Mt Tabor was a success, so thank you to those of you who showed up to show your support. The CAC also played a New Year's eve show in Eugene that was met with much critical acclaim, so we may be headed down there soon to do another gig. Keep checking back here and we'll keep you posted. We are currently talking with a couple different people about doing shows, but nothing has been carved in stone as of yet. We'll let you know.

Hope you all have a good new year.




Hope you all had a happy and a healthy. Not too much to say here, just want to remind all you die-hard CAC heads that the Mt Tabor show is coming real soon, and we want to see you out to show some support. Also, sorry the updates were a little late this week, I had trouble working them in with the holidays. You understand.



Yes, it's the Christmas season, and it just won't stop raining here. So, to brighten things up, we're playing Mt Tabor pub on Dec 28th. That's a Friday, and this time the announcement is official. Please come out and show your support. We're playing with Penca, who are a really great band and generous enough to let us open up for them. They will rock your socks off. The Pub is up on Hawthorne and Forty-something or other. Be there or avoid the water cooler on Monday morning.



Hey gang. Looks like the CAC will be playing at the Mt. Tabor pub on Friday, December 28th. We have not heard much about this ourselves, but it's in the works, or so we are told. There will be official word right here as soon as we get it. Then you all have to come out and see us. We won't be headlining, so it won't be anti-climatic like all the other shows. We'll let you know.



Hello, devoted members of the Sly Records army. Xmas is coming up, and what better way to show someone you care than with a gift from Sly Records. So, send a gift to one of your loved ones. Any CAC CD's sold before the holiday will be personally inscribed and autographed by as many of the actual group members that we can get together. Act quickly!

It looks like the CAC might have some shows coming up around the holidays, including a new years gig that will be an out of towner. Nothing has been carved in stone yet, becuase the promotion companies have yet to agree to our request of twelve separate dressing rooms for us and our posse of hangers on, along with the four gallons of blue cheese dressing that are a standard rider in our contracts. Don't these people know who we are? Jesus, get it together for cryin' out loud.

We'll keep you posted.



Hey there gang! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. Not much to say this time around. The new installment of "Disturbing Memories" is up if you're in the mood for some readin'. As usual, the waste is updated too. No new shows booked yet, but we're working on it.



A big thank you to everyone who came to the Chopsticks show this weekend and the few people who saw any of our Wherehouse gigs. The CAC mini-tour was a critical success.

We're looking to play more shows, so if anyone wants to get rocked by the CAC crew, email us and let us know. We'll keep everyone posted on when we're playing again.



There are a few new pictures of the CAC performance at BAM's Halloween party on the CAC pics page. Check them out. 3 days until the big gig at Chopsticks. Be there or......sit at home and do whatever it is you do that is so damn important.



Dear Lord. OK, we were struggling with some computer problems for about a week there, now we're back on track. Sorry to the few people who are actually checking the site for updates. "Disturbing Memories" has now really been updated, and the waste page should be up at some point today. A huge thank you to Mr. Andrew Coonfield for his tech support abilities. I am truly the young, naive Luke to his wise old Obi-Wan.

The CAC is blowing up big this weekend. Four shows in two days. Just to show that we're not above being corporate whores, the CAC will be playing three shows at various Wherehouse music stores this weekend, in addition to the grand finale at the Chopsticks Express II on Sat. night. Here's the breakdown:

Friday, November 9: It all starts at 6PM at the Eastport Wherehouse here in Portland (SE 82nd and Holgate), then we're going to shoot down to Salem and play the Wherehouse on Lancaster with a group called Smiles at 8PM.

Saturday, November 10: At 6:30 PM, we're taking over the Clackamas Wherehouse in deep SE Portland (At the Clackamas Promenade off Sunnyside), then we're going to fly down to Chopsticks for the big show starting at 8. That show is with AYCES, the best band you've never heard in your life. Don't be late.

The shows are all free, and we would love any support you feel like showing, even if that simply means pointing and laughing at us. We know it's kind of funny looking.

Here's the flyer. The Wherehouse shows will feature special performances by BAM the Diabetic Superhero, who we're dragging along with us.

So chiggy check it out. Tell your friends. And don't miss the Chopsticks show, because the infamous Dave "Two Beers" Parker will be in the house rooting on the performers. We're also cutting into scheduled Karaoke time, so we should receive some heckling for that.

Hope to see you all there. As always, email us if you want to know anything.

Now I know you're not ready for this jelly.

Love Brad


Happy Halloween. "Disturbing Memories" has been updated on the waste page. Read a new story if you are bored.

Also, a big fat thank you to BAM the Diabetic Superhero for throwing a great party on Sat. night. The CAC brought the similes butt-rock style and we'll post the pictures soon to prove it. Be on the look out.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.



Hey everybody. Not much to say, just another reminder about the show on the 10th. To the left here is our little poster for it. Hope you all can make it down. AYCES is making a rare appearance, which should be fun for everyone. You never know what those guys are going to do.

Once again, it's a free show, and once again there will be karaoke madness immediately following featuring your favorite members of the CAC and AYCES and lots of other drunk rummies who have no business handling a microphone.

Email us with any questions you have about the show or the CD or anything like that.

Lots of love,



Hey fans. There is now audio on the Pretty to Look At and gopher glory pages. They are sound clips just like the CAC ones, so they are pretty short. But now, if you've never heard them you can find out what these guys sound like. We also added some pictures to the gopher glory pics page.

Thanks for checking back and we hope to see all of you on Nov. 10.

Oh, one more thing. We failed to give Kaybee proper credit on the CAC CD because of lack of information on our part. We now have that info. His writing should be credited to Keith Burroughs and we think he lives in L.A. now. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him please let me know, we owe him a CD. Also still looking for gopher glory pics from the last show. Anyone?



Hello again. A couple of things. The CAC/Ayces show on Nov. 10 is officially scheduled and going to happen. The show will be from 8-10 at Chopsticks, as mentioned below, and is another free show. Bring your friends, it's going to be a fun one.

Also, we have added some sound clips to the CAC page. They are small clips of songs from the CD just to give a little taste of what it sounds like. Check out the CAC audio page for the MP3's. If you've already heard the CD, don't bother.

Thanks for checking in.



The first entry of "Disturbing Memories of a Misanthrope" is up on the waste page if you feel like taking a look. It's Brad's forum for his short stories that are trying to be funny.



Yes siree bob. The CAC album Cool As Cucumbers is now available at these fine establishments around the beautiful city of Portland: Both of the Music Millennium locations, 360 Vinyl downtown on Couch st., and Everyday Music on NE Sandy blvd. It should also make its way out to the Wherehouse near 82nd and Holgate sometime this week. You can look for it in the local section, the rap section, or the local rap section. Could be in any of those places. Tell your friends.



Hey everybody. Hope you all are doing well this week. We have some news on the CAC front this time around, just a couple things. First, it looks like there will be another performance at Chopsticks at the beginning of next month, Saturday, November 10. So, if you missed it last time you can make up for it and come see the CAC crew in action. It looks like our friends Ayces are going to open and it will probably just be those two bands, from 8-10. Come down and check it out. As always, there will be karaoke after the show.

In other CAC news, as of today the Cool As Cucumbers CD is now available at Wherehouse music in Clackamas, off of 82nd St. kind of near Target and Old Navy. And, as of tomorrow or the next day it should be available at the Wherehouse in Salem on Lancaster. So, if you are in Salem and don't want to deal with mail but you want the disc, you've got that option. We're going to try and get the site ready to take Visa this week, along with getting the CAC CD into some other stores in town, so we'll let you know.

Also, we are looking for any pictures that anyone might have of the gopher glory show at Chopsticks on the 6th. We forgot to take any and would like to post some on the site. Let us know.

Have a good week and drop us a line if you've got any gopher pictures or any questions about anything.

It's on like Donkey Kong-



First off, a big thank you to everyone who turned out for the Sly Records jamboree on Sat. night. We had a great turnout, and it seems that everyone had a great time. Thanks so much for your support. There are some pictures of the CAC's performance on their pics page that you can check out if you missed it or if you just want to relive some of those sweet sweet memories of Pocaroba and Wockenfuss rocking the mics. Also wanted to remind everyone that the CAC CD is now available in our store through mail order, or if you live in town, know us, and want one, shoot us an email and we'll hook up.

In some real Sly Records news, we finally heard from Matt Fargo(Pretty to Look At), and it seems that he is alive and well in Japan. He has somehow managed to form a band over there with one of the old gopher glory drummers and is writing and recording songs(in Japanese). We are going to try to get a hold of that and make it available here, but I can't make any promises. Matt, if you're reading this, we miss you.

So, thanks for checking us out and I hope you check back with us. The waste page should be updated today and every week after this so now you'll know what to buy and who to hate on a weekly basis. Take care, and we'll keep you posted on any upcoming CAC shows and whatnot.

Love Brad


Hey everyone. So it's really going to kick off on the 6th. We are going to have the CAC CD for sale (finally) at this show so all three of you die hard sly records fans can come and show your support and pick up the first official compact disc released by sly records. Hey, after 7 or 8 years it's about time.

We've also got three other great bands playing and plenty of drinks so you can all get drunk and insult each other. The parking lot there is great for slap boxing, so let's get ready to rumble!

So, come down and meet Wockenfuss, Pocaroba, and the rest of the CAC team in person. They'll be glad to autograph your girlfriend's cleavage.

See you there.