This portion of the site is my subtle reminder to myself that I need to write more often than I do.

The stories included here are usually about my childhood, sometimes completely non-fictional, and often long winded and pointless. At one point I had a long paragraph explaining in detail why I write the stories, including what the intent is and some other blathering, but it was pretty weak so I took it down. Here's a quick synopsis:

Pain that doesn't hurt anymore = funny sometimes.

Anyway, the stories are down here. Read them if you want to.

#1. A Skewed Perspective of Normalcy, Events 1-5

#2. The Genuine Trembling of a Semi-Fortunate

#3. The Infallible Defense of Unbending Timidity

#4. Every Single Drop of Me Spills Out and Misses Her Completely

#5. Some Things I Can't Remember to Forget (They Have No Bearing)


Here's a special little section with some other stories that don't really fit in with the "Disturbing" thing but I wrote 'em so take a look if you got the time.

#1. A Rainbow and No Gasoline

#2. Sunset Strip