I stay up late watching wresting and making rap beats and eventually they just bled all over each other.

- Wockenfuss

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Sly Appearances:

"TerrorVision" (2016)

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- "TerrorVision"

"Hell Comes to Frogtown" (2015)

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- "Hell Comes to Frogtown"

XMASEP (2014)

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- "This is the Time of the Year"
- "Would You Beat Up Santa? (Bacca Pipes Jig)"
- "Divinium Mysterium (feat. Marcus Reynolds)"
- "DIY Christmas (feat. Marcus Reynolds)"

"Trick or Treat, Roddy" (2014)

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- "Trick or Treat, Roddy"

The Great Heart Puncher CD/Digital (2014)

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- "A $500 Sport Coat and Ten Pounds of Gold"
- "Yesterday's Garbage"
- “Stone Hands”
- “Against Top Contenders"
- “The Baddest”
- “Evil”
- “It's Not My Fault"
- “A Blink of an Eye"
- “The Lariat"

- “Schiavone"
- “The New Breed"
- “The Destroyer"
- “We All Have Rainbows to Look At"
- “Thumb to the Eye"
- "This Fist Right Here"
- "Pure, Unadulterated Power"
- "The Mud and the Blood and the Beer"
- "The Real Master"
- "Tom Peterson" (Bonus Track, CD Only)
- "Chewing Upon the Cosmic Cookie"
- "Will You Stop?"

"Uninvited" (2013)

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- "Uninvited"