Paul C. Kottke: Bass, Drums, Vocals
Eric B.: Drums, Bass, Vocals

The Fuck Ups were born when I came to school one day and there was this new kid in my history class. He had a dog collar chain on and had the names of sweet bands written on his backpack. We became instant friends. His name was Paul (he's the guy sleeping in the photo above) and he had moved from San Diego to Salem to live with his aunt and uncle. Apparently he had been in some trouble back home. I remember that he said that he had played drums in a band called Zero and that his best friend was in some new band called Locust. Whether it is the same Locust that is from San Diego now I do not know, but I think it is. He also had seen Unwound live 5 or 6 times which made me insanely jealous.

Paul only lived in Salem for around a year but it was long enough for us to form a short lived band and record a six song tape that was intended to be released on Sly Records. Why it wasn’t I can’t recall. It was entitled “The Unbelievable Power Of El Codo Atomico,” which translates to “the atomic elbow.” Paul played bass on 5 of the 6 songs and for some odd reason the only song where I played bass and sang was chosen for the compilation. I think it was because it was the shortest or something like that. It is a decision I regret. Paul moved back to California shortly after we recorded the cassette and I kept in contact with him for a few years after but have sadly not spoken to him in years. I hope he is doing well.

- Eric

Sly Appearances:

I Think Cheyenne’s Friend Hates Me Compilation CS (1996)

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- “The Fuck Up Theme Song”

The Incredible Force Of The Codo Atomico (You Lusty 36 Motherfuckers) (1996)

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- "The Fuck Up Theme Song"
- "Untitled"
- "Dorothie"
- "Untitled 2"
- "Mr. Mcminniman"
- "Wish for Hal"