Eric B.: Keyboard, Vocals, Regret

So here it is. The shame in Sly Record’s game. I can only plead that you remember that it was 1996, I was 17, and things were much different back then. Now, that doesn’t make it much better, but maybe it makes it not so bad. Maybe. There is really no explanation here. I think I had written about 3 raps at this time so what you get here is me having no clue what I am doing. I recorded the beat using Matt’s keyboard and the wonder of the Magic Box. The song is about me working at Sandwich Express, a weird restaurant chain in Salem where all the sandwiches are named after trains and there are little toy trains running around the place. The song isn’t as bad as it could be but my choice of moniker certainly is. My apologies.


Sly Appearances:

I Think Cheyenne’s Friend Hates Me Compilation CS (1996)

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- “Life Of A Sandwich Maker”