Eric B.: Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Melodian, Vocals

Guest Appearances:
Matt Fargo: Guitar and Keyboard solos on “Standing 8,” Guitar on “5494 Soledad Rd,” Phone Messages on “The Effects Of Sloe Gin”
Brad B.: Vocals on “Kissing The Ground”
Derek Bonniksen: Guitar on “Kissing The Ground”
Erick Alley: Phone Message on “The Effects Of Sloe Gin”

Low Flying Aircraft was really more of a project than a band. It was the culmination of various events: I was having trouble in my personal life, had just acquired my 1st 4-track, was just learning how to play a keyboard and was finally living in a basement. Knowing all of this I decided to set a goal of writing and recording 18 songs in the span of two weeks. And that is what I did. I knew from the get go that I would not release this under the name Gopher Glory, as the sound was completely different, and decided on the moniker as a nod to all of the bands of the time named after Washington road signs. Half of the songs are instrumental and some of them are simply me experimenting with the 4-track, recording all of the tracks without hearing the others. It is really not as bad as it sounds. One of the oddities on this release is “Kissing The Ground,” with Johnny Wockenfuss himself lending lead vocals and Oatmeal handling the lead guitar. These parts I made them write and record in I believe one hour during a party we were having. “4th Fight (Fisticuffs)” is an awful early attempt at a rap song. This is the 1st song to reference the CAC. The title is an homage to the numerous Wu-Tang songs that have double titles. Low Flying Aircraft is the shortest-lived band on Sly Records, having only technically existed for two weeks. If anyone is counting it is also the 4th band on the label that contains me as the sole member.

- Eric

Sly Appearances:

I'm So Lame (2000)

Download free from Bandcamp.

- "Let's Say We Go"
- "Picture in My Pocket"
- "Trosperian"
- "Anything for a Laugh"
- "My Basement"
- "Hello Heartbreak, How Are You? (4-Track)
- "My Distorted Bass"
- "Never You"
- "Day and Night"
- "My Drumming is Mediocre"
- "Crazy Azz Crackaz (feat. Biff Pocaroba)
- "My Smurf Guitar"
- "The People They Date"
- "Until the Morning Comes"
- "The Wackness"
- "Tell Me Off"

The Sound Of The Jump CS (1999)

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- “Fighting Is For Dummies”
- “Lights Out”
- “There Are Six Shoes In This Room”
- “All The E’s Are Red”
- “LCH-V8902”
- “Fashionably Late”
- “Sequel To The Remake Of A Classic”
- “4th Fight (Fisticuffs)
- “Rest Of The Day”
- “Skeletal Sidekick”
- “Standing 8”
- “5494 Soledad Rd. (live)”
- “Kissing The Ground”
- “Manatee”
- “I Usually Don’t Like Books”
- “Lucky Charm”
- “The Effects Of Sloe Gin”
- “How I Feel Right Now”