Matt Fargo: Guitar, Vocals
Eric B.: Drums, Vocals

While yes, on the surface, this is the same band as Pretty To Look At, we here at Sly Records HQ make a distinction between the aforementioned band and Gagged And Bound. Matt and I had been friends for a long time and after playing a bit together at a house party, where our other bands were playing, and realizing that we had a pretty similar taste in music, we decided to form a band. For the duration of the band we were both still in other bands and Gagged And Bound really served as more of a side project type thing. We mainly played porn and bossa nova music, two things Matt was really into at the time, and the songs we did write were more jokes than anything.

We eventually evolved into a Pond cover band, hence the name Gagged And Bound, with Matt singing the Charlie songs and me singing the Chris songs. We were very proud of being the first and probably only Pond cover band in history. “Bob” was really our only somewhat decent non-cover song we ever had, and why we put that on the compilation and not a rousing rendition of “Moth” is beyond me. We never took the band very seriously and never even made an attempt to play live anywhere. We eventually just kind of stopped playing for a while and when we did get back together, we had dropped the whole cover band idea all together, thus drawing the line between Pretty To Look At and Gagged And Bound. Sidenote: We did play “Bob” live once during a Pretty To Look At concert, in effect, covering ourselves.

- Eric

Sly Appearances:

I Think Cheyenne’s Friend Hates Me Compilation CS (1996)

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- “Bob”