Becki Meier: Bass, Vocals
Nick Samarin: Guitar, Vocals
Devin Gallagher: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Eric B.: Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals

Past Members:
Doug Hoffman: Drums

The Dearling Darlings were “born out of the ashes,” to borrow the punk phrase, of legendary Salem band The Widgets. After The Widgets had pretty much called it quits, Widgets founders Nick and Becki gave me a call and asked if I would like to start a new band. I of course agreed. We decided to invite Widgets drummer Doug Hoffman to man the traps and christened ourselves The Dearling Darlings, after The Feelings’ 2nd album.

The band found a 2nd home in the biker bar down the street from our practice house, Jammers, and many of our songs were influenced by or reference this watering hole. We quickly practiced up about 10 songs and managed to play two shows with Doug before he left for recording school in Florida. What followed was an awkward few months as we attempted to find a replacement drummer. We settled on high school senior newspaper editor, as well as member of The Black Black Black and Typhoon, Devin Gallagher, on the strength of him teaching us the 2nd guitar part on “Web In Front.” With this lineup we sufficiently rocked both Salem and Portland for a year until Nick and Becki decided to move to Austin, TX. Memorable shows include opening up for ex-Feelings member Ralf Youtz’s Ape Shape, in which we received his blessing for the name of our band, and our drunken last show ever at a sketchy tavern in the middle part of Portland’s 82nd Ave. An appropriate end to a band that constantly aspired to be too drunk to play, young drummer excluded of course.

- Eric














Sly Appearances:

Hey, I Like That Show
- “Jammers (Best Ribs In Town)”
- “Psycho And Pretty Eyes”
- “I Like Your Waiter”
- “Japanese Word For Pigeon”
- “The Rescue Party”
- “I Hate Your Girlfriend”
- “Lucy Fur”
- “Hockey Fights
- “Monty”
- “I Like Birds pt. 1”
- “I Like Birds pt. 2”
- “I’m Forgainst It”
- “Six Pack”
- “Web In Front” (Archers Of Loaf)
- “Threw My Teeth” (So Sadly Fucked)